5SOS Upcoming Fourth Album: Release Date, Title & Collaborations

16 September 2019, 17:09

5SOS have finished working on their fourth album
5SOS have finished working on their fourth album. Picture: Getty Images

5SOS have confirmed they've wrapped up their fourth album and hinted at when the record will be released, so read all about their upcoming record and potential collabs here!

5 Seconds Of Summer have spoken about their upcoming fourth album, confirming that it's pretty much wrapped up, teasing when it will be released, and revealed they'll be dropping a whole load of singles from it before the whole record drops.

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So, when will 5SOS's fourth album be released?

Seeing as we only got 'Youngblood' in 2018, it isn't so surprising that their fourth record won't be landing until 2020- which, when you think about it, is closer than you think it is.

Lead singer, Luke Hemmings confirmed the album's finished in a radio interview with Australian DJ Smallzy: "I can tell you that we're going to put out a few songs, more than usual, i want to say four, at least, before the album actually drops."

"The album is done, I would say, hopefully it's done, I've written all I can write at this point, but yeah, it should be done and will come out probably next year but we'll have a bunch of music out before then."

So, it sounds like we have at least two more 5SOS tracks to keep us busy until the entire record drops, which we're so happy about!

What's the title of the upcoming album?

Ok, we'll admit, we don't have a title for it yet, but that's all part of the fun... it's time to get speculating!

Seeing as they've already dropped tracks 'Easier' and 'Teeth', it could of course be titled after one of these tracks, as was the case with their previous album with the enormous track, Youngblood.

But, it seems likely they would leave their lead single, or album title track, until closer to the time of release, so we probably haven't heard the name of it... yet.

Who will they collaborate with on it?

They've been driving fans crazy with speculation that they have a collaboration coming with their close friend Halsey, although, as she also has an album on the way, also in 2020, titled 'Manic', they could always be featuring on one of her tracks instead.

The boys have also been working with Charlie Puth, who penned the track 'Easier' for them, and as he is also working towards putting out his third album, we have to wonder if they've been cooking up anything else in the studio?

There's also hundreds of messages from fans urging them to collaborate with K-pop band DAY6 and for them to hook up with Shawn Mendes, who they're huge fans of.

What will the album sound like?

Luke confirmed the album will follow the sound and style of the latest records they've released, telling Aussie DJ Smallzy: "People are liking the songs we're putting out and the rest of the album matches that."

"There's 12 songs kind of signed off at the moment which is enough, but you never know, we might write some more before then and have a longer album."

So, we know the boys are sticking with what's their rockiest sound to date, because everyone, including us, is absolutely loving this era of the band, but guys, can't you even give us a hint of what the title is going to be?!

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