5SOS Have Taken Part In The 'Teeth Challenge' & Fans Have Voted Who Did It Best

29 August 2019, 15:39

5SOS join in on fan's 'Teeth challenge'
5SOS join in on fan's 'Teeth challenge'. Picture: YouTube/ 5SOS/ Twitter @AshtonIrwin

5SOS fans have kicked off the 'teeth' challenge to commemorate the band's latest single, and now, all of the boys have got involved!

5SOS have joined in on a brand new internet challenge started by fans around their latest track 'Teeth', with Ashton Irwin, Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford and Calum Hood all baring their teeth and showing off their vocals.

As well as sending in their own takes on the challenge, fans have also voted for who thought did the best job out of three of them and, uh, Luke's dog, Petunia.

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The track has been released as the second single from the upcoming album and also features on the the third season soundtrack of the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why and is a rockier sound than the boys have previously released, telling Zane Lowe:

"‘Teeth’ was always going to be the track that was kind of setting the like precedent for the rest of this record and I think ‘Easier’ for us has always felt like a bit of a setup... [it's] where we’re going to come balls blazing."

It was reportedly Ashton, the band's drummer, who managed to get the other boys included, until all of them had shown us their teeth, apart from Luke Hemmings, who instead got his dog, Petunia, to show us her teeth instead.

A fan wrote: "Ashton was successful at getting all 4 members to Participate in the #TEETHChallenge . I stan a major influencer. Good Job Ashton way to be a leader and step up to the challenge."

Fan page @Tha5SOSFamily even started a poll to allow fans to vote which band member they thought did the best job, and you may be shocked to discover the fans picked Petunia, Luke's bulldog-terrier mix and beloved pet dog, and we're NGL, we kind of agree.

5SOS fans voted which member did the Teeth challenge the best
5SOS fans voted which member did the Teeth challenge the best. Picture: @Tha5SOSFamily/ Twitter

Once again, the 5SOS fandom has proven their power, the boys have released yet another bop, and we seriously can't wait for the album.

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