Zara McDermott Continues To Beg For Sam Thompson’s Forgiveness Over Cheating Scandal With Another Instagram Post

14 October 2020, 10:54

Zara cheated on Sam last year.
Zara cheated on Sam last year. Picture: instagram

Zara McDermott is continuing to beg for Sam Thompson’s forgiveness on Instagram amid her cheating scandal.

Zara McDermott isn’t ready to give up on her relationship with Sam Thompson, despite cheating on him last year.

The former Love Island star has now shared another post as she continues to beg for his forgiveness.

Zara McDermott Addresses Cheating On Sam Thompson As She Publicly Asks For His Forgiveness

Zara is desperate to win Sam back after cheating on him.
Zara is desperate to win Sam back after cheating on him. Picture: instagram

It reads: “But I want you to know that when I imagine myself happy, it is with you.”

The couple split in August after it emerged that Zara had cheated in the early stages of their relationship.

The moment Sam confronts her will be aired on Monday night’s episode of Made In Chelsea.

In a teaser clip for the upcoming show, Zara is seen breaking down as she tells Sophie ‘Habbs Habbo’ and Jamie Laing that she ‘slept with someone’ around a year ago.

Tensions run high as Sam Thompson confronts Zara McDermott over her cheating

We then see Sam accusing Zara of being ‘so good at lying,’ as she sobs that she ‘just wants him to forgive’ her.

Zara divided followers when she posted a video montage of her ill-fated relationship with Sam earlier this week.

She captioned the post: “TO THE LOVE OF MY LIFE...

“There aren’t enough words to describe how I feel about you. You are my favourite person, my truest love.

“I made this video montage for you of our memories over these last few years. I want to create a million more memories like these throughout the rest of my life... with you.

“I am sorry our journey hasn’t been the easiest, and I am forever wishing I could find a way to turn back the clock.

“Remember... you are everything. You are my moon and all my stars and everything in between.

“I miss you. I love you more and more every day.”

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