Who Are The Members Of The Hype House In The New Netflix Show?

13 January 2022, 16:27

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The Hype House is a collective of TikTok creators living under the same roof, but who are the members and who’s in the cast of the new Netflix show about their lives?

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Hype House landed on Netflix last week and for TikTok obsessives it’s all they can talk about.

The Hype House, first formed in December 2019, is where a group of TikTok creators with millions of followers between them share a living space to create content on a daily basis, and the Netflix documentary follows the wild lives of the Gen-Z social media stars who make thousands by posting videos on the platform.

The Netflix shows sees familiar names such as Charli and Dixie D’Amelio in the famous house, but there’s a bunch more youngsters viewers of the series are getting to know.

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As Nikita Dragun put it, the Hype House is '10 20-year-olds living in a $5million fraternity house, with millions of dollars and high school drama and a ring light."

So, who are the members of the Hype House?

Hype House is now on Netflix
Hype House is now on Netflix. Picture: Netflix
Thomas, Mia, Nikita and Vinnie from the Hype House
Thomas, Mia, Nikita and Vinnie from the Hype House. Picture: Hype House/Instagram

Thomas Petrou

Thomas is one of the co-founders of Hype House, with over 1.8 million subscribers on YouTube and over 8 million on TikTok.

He calls himself ‘the dad of the house’ and ensures the rent gets paid by the money the members make from their sponsored Hype House content.

Alex Warren

Warren is another co-founder of the Hype House, known for pranking his fellow Hype House members and putting on wild stunts.

He’s dating fellow TikTok star Kouvr Annon.

Warren’s also a budding musician, with over 14 million TikTok followers.

He admits in the series he spends between $50,000 - $70,000 on his YouTube videos.

Kouvr Annon

Kouvr moved to LA in 2019 to be nearer boyfriend Warren.

The 21-year-old often collaborates with her beau in her TikToks but says on the series it’s difficult to separate social media and their relationship when they’re so open online.

She and Warren met over Snapchat after he saw someone post a video of her asleep and he thought ‘she was the most beautiful person.’

Chase Hudson (Lil Huddy)

At just 18, Chase moved to LA after becoming an online sensation when he left public school in favour of online school after his classmates made fun of him for making social media videos.

He moved into a mansion of his own after making millions from TikTok, but remains a member of the Hype House.

Chase has also signed to a record company after his music took off on TikTok, where he has over 32 million followers.

He famously dated Charli D’Amelio and his debut album is said to be inspired by their heartbreak.

Nikita Dragun

Nikita, 25, has had a huge following since 2015 when she came out as transgender.

She launched her makeup brand, Dragun Beauty, in 2019 and calls herself ‘the dragon in the basement of the Hype House’.

Nikita got introduced to the Hype House by Larri, who she’s very close friends with.

Jack and James Wright

Jack and James Wright are are 18-year-old twins who are the youngest members of the Hype House.

Mia Hayward

Mia is dating Hype House co-founder Thomas and they even have a dog together.

She has 3.7 million followers on TikTok and her content is mostly fashion and beauty.

Larri Merritt aka Larray

Larray, 22, has over 25 million TikTok followers and over 5 million YouTube subscribers.

He’s also an aspiring musician.

He got a lot of backlash for joining the Hype House, with people accusing the house of ‘white-washing’ him but he credits the collective for putting him in the mainstream.

Vinnie Hacker

Vinnie is a model as well as a TikTok creator, with more than 13 million followers on the app.

He’s another of the collective’s pranksters but also fills his profile with impressions and dance videos.

Nick Austin

Nick has over 9 million followers on TikTok, known for his lip-syncing and dancing videos.

He’s also currently dating Madison Beer.

Connor Yates

Connor is ‘the hype house stunt man’, currently in a relationship with model Emily Van Liew.

Calvin Goldby

Calvin has 1.2 million followers on TikTok, where he posts mainly funny videos and dance routines with his fellow members.

Michael Sanzone

Michael has over 2.6 million followers and is dating fellow influencer Tatty Porizek.

He mostly posts dancing videos.

Ryland Storms

Ryland has over 4 million followers on TikTok and is known for posting videos with the rest of the Hype House members.

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