What Tier Will I Be In After Lockdown? How To Check Which Level Your Region Will Move To

26 November 2020, 11:50 | Updated: 26 November 2020, 12:13

Health Secretary outlines restrictions in each tier

Prime Minister Boris Johnson outlined the new local lockdown tier rules on Monday, warning most regions of England will move up a level – and new local tier system has been announced.

Boris Johnson told the nation of his Covid-19 winter plan as England prepares for lockdown 2.0 to be lifted next week, and the local lockdown rules are only set to get tougher.

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The Prime Minister detailed the changes to each tier level, as when the system was first introduced in October the restrictions weren’t tough enough to bring the R rate below one.

Boris Johnson - "I can't say Christmas will be normal"

As a result, the rules will only get stricter once the national lockdown is lifted on 2 December and Boris warned most regions will be moved up a tier.

But how can you find out which your local area will be in when lockdown ends? Here’s all you need to know, as we prepare for restrictions to last until March…

What tier will I be in after lockdown ends?

The government has announced which tiers apply to each regions of England, so you can now check on their website which tier your local area is categorised under.

The NHS Covid-19 app will also be updated on 2 December to show the new tier system.

Boris Johnson outlined his Covid winter plan
Boris Johnson outlined his Covid winter plan. Picture: Getty

What are the new local lockdown tier rules?

There have been a few changes to each of the tier levels, but the Prime Minister confirmed that non-essential shops, gyms and hairdressers will be allowed to re-open after lockdown in every tier.

The advice remains to minimise travel and work from home where possible and bars and restaurants must shut at 11pm.

Here’s a breakdown of the new rules for the local lockdown tiers:

Tier 1: Medium

- Follow the rule of six indoors and outdoors.

- Spectator events such as sports and performances can continue with limited numbers.

Tier 2: High

- No household mixing indoors.

- Rule of six applies outdoors.

- Alcohol can only be served as part of a substantial meal.

- Spectator events such as sports and performances can continue with limited numbers.

Tier 3: Very high

- No household mixing indoors or outdoors.

- Rule of six applies in outdoor spaces.

- Pubs and restaurants must close except for delivery and takeaway.

- Indoor entertainment venues closed.

- Advised against travelling in and out of your local area.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirms that there will be no compulsory vaccine

How long will the tier system be in place?

The Prime Minister warned the regional approach the coronavirus will last until March, when the country remains hopeful a vaccine will have begun being rolled out and there have been more advancements in treatment for Covid-19.

The tier allocations will be reviewed every 14 days until then.

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