What Is The V&A Taylor Swift Superfan Job & How Do You Apply?

23 February 2024, 11:20

Taylor Swift fans are wanted for a job at the V&A
Taylor Swift fans are wanted for a job at the V&A. Picture: Getty

By Tiasha Debray

The V&A museum made the huge announcement that they’re on the hunt for a Taylor Swift superfan to be an advisor at the museum. But what is the job? And how do you apply?

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The V&A museum have announced that they’re on the hunt for an expert in all things Taylor Swift who needs to know everything there is to know about being a committed Swiftie.

The future is now and we’re so envious of the kind of jobs becoming available to Gen Z who are just joining the workforce.

The museum wants to find someone to fill this role ahead of Taylor's return to the country. She's currently down under, taking her Eras Tour to Sydney, Australia, before hitting Singapore, Europe and then finally making her way to the UK.

If you’re interested in applying then you’re probably already a big enough Swiftie to have done whatever was necessary to get tickets to the sold out shows, and you’re probably already planning or making your outfit in advance.

If that sounds like you, then here’s what you need to know about what the V&A Taylor Swift job entails and exactly how you can apply.

Taylor Swift performs in Sydney before returning to the UK with her Eras Tour.
Taylor Swift performs in Sydney before returning to the UK with her Eras Tour. Picture: Getty

What is the V&A Museum Taylor Swift job?

The V&A Taylor Swift job is to help the museum with its collections and exhibitions to teach visitors more about fan culture. Specialising in art, design and performance, the museum is specifically trying to build its curatorial knowledge in specific cultural niches.

They are reportedly specifically interested in the artistry behind fan made signs and the handmade friendship bracelet phenomenon happening at her concerts where fans swap bracelets with one another at her shows.

This trend leaped off the back of one of Taylor’s songs, ‘You’re on Your Own, Kid’, from her album ‘Midnights’. During the bridge, the lyrics read “Everything you lose is a step you take, so make the friendship bracelets, take the moment and taste it.”

And then history was made. Taylor’s super fan base began to exchange these handmade, brightly coloured bracelets at her concerts. While the extent to which it’s happening is very unique, the act of exchanging bracelets like this at music events existed before Taylor in rave culture.

The bracelets, called ‘Kandi’, are also colourful beaded bracelets that are exchanged at EDM concerts and raves. Kandi is traded during music events, typically alongside a handshake to help ravers connect with one another and create new friendships, which is exactly what’s happening at Taylor’s concerts too.

This is the minimum level of depth that the museum is probably looking for when it comes to hiring an advisor.

The V&A wants to hire someone and get this collection going ahead of Taylor’s European/UK leg of her Eras Tour which kicks off in June.

The museum is also looking for people passionate and knowledgeable about Crocs, drag, the craft of tufting and emojis. They’re taking this ‘niche’ passions exploration quite seriously as they’ve already filled positions for four roles specialising in Toby jugs, Pokemon cards, Gorp Core clothing and Lego.

If you don’t know what some of these are, we suggest heading to the museum to educate yourself.

Museum director Dr Tristram Hunt said: "These new advisory roles will help us celebrate and discover more about the enormous, and often surprising, creative diversity on offer at the V&A, as well as helping us to learn more about the design stories that are relevant to our audiences today."

Friendship bracelets are exchanged at Taylor Swift's concerts to encourage friendship.
Friendship bracelets are exchanged at Taylor Swift's concerts to encourage friendship. Picture: Getty

How to apply to the V&A Taylor Swift job

You can apply for the V&A Taylor Swift job directly from the V&A website.

You have until the 7th of March to apply, but why dilly dally? If the museum finds someone earlier, they’ve reserved the right to close submissions, so the earlier you apply the better chance you have!

This is a zero hour contract role so don’t quit your jobs just yet, the museum will probably pay its successful applicants a set rate per session.

But this job really isn’t for the fainthearted, you need to be confident in your knowledge of Swiftie culture.

Taylor Swift to release extended version of The Eras Tour

As written on the V&A’s application site, “We’re always looking to learn more about our collection, whilst acting as cultural trend-spotters on what to collect next. So, we want to hear from you about your hyper niche interest and why it is important to the history of Art and Design, and the future of creativity.

“Successful candidates will meet curatorial experts at the V&A, share knowledge about their specialist subject, learn about the history of these objects and why they are relevant to art, design and the future of creativity. Candidates will also have the chance to go behind the scenes at the V&A to view relevant items from the collection.”

So not only do you get paid to do what you love, you get a behind the scenes, up close and personal experience with some Taylor Swift memorabilia that you’d probably never get to do in a lifetime otherwise.

If you feel like you’re knowledgeable enough to have Taylor Swift Official Advisor added to your CV, then head to the V&A website to apply!

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