Too Hot To Handle’s Kelz ‘Disappointed’ In How The Prize Fund Was Split Amongst The Cast

7 May 2020, 12:15

Too Hot to Handle's Kelz 'disappointed' over how prize was handed out

Too Hot to Handle’s finale left even the cast members surprised, as there wasn't technically a winner.

Too Hot to Handle’s Kelz Dyke has shared how he and his Netflix co-stars really felt about the shock way the binge-worthy reality series came to an end.

After a month on a paradise retreat in Mexico where the sexy singletons – who will return for the reunion show on Friday – had to try and refrain from any sort of sexual activity in order to keep their $100k (£80k) prize fund in tact, the series finished with a twist.

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The final episode saw the remaining amount of $75,000 (£60,000) split between the last 10 contestants still on the show, leaving them with roughly $7,500 (£6,000) each.

Too Hot to Handle's Kelz said he was surprised at how the prize money was split
Too Hot to Handle's Kelz said he was surprised at how the prize money was split. Picture: Netflix

Like the millions of viewers, none of the singletons knew this was how the prize fund would be dished out, leaving some fans claiming the contestants who didn’t break the rules should have won the money.

Kelz was famously dubbed ‘the accountant’ throughout the show for sticking to the rules and hilariously quizzing his cast mates on who had been “spending money”.

During a chat with Capital FM he told us he was “surprised and disappointed”, but insisted he’s not fazed.

He explained: “I’ll be honest, I was a bit surprised and a bit disappointed as well. A lot of people, on twitter said, ‘Kelz should have got the money, the accountant should have got the money!’

“But as long as everyone took something away from it. Money comes and goes right, obviously $100k is a lot but it is what it is – there’s no point crying over spilled milk.”

Too Hot to Handle's Kelz would have liked the series to be longer

We also asked the reality star how he's spent his prize money and, in typical ‘accountant’ fashion, he’s been very sensible with the funds.

Kelz revealed: “I gave half to my mum and I put the other half into a diversified portfolio which I’m just going to leave alone, and keep adding to that for a pension fund.

“It sounds boring but I’m happy I didn’t spend it on a holiday resort when I left. You’ve got to look ahead!”

Throughout the four-week retreat the Too Hot to Handle prize money of course decreased as the contestants got to know each other, significantly due to Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago unable to keep their hands off each other.

The prize money was split among the remaining 10 Too Hot to Handle cast
The prize money was split among the remaining 10 Too Hot to Handle cast. Picture: Netflix

The couple lost thousands of pounds for the group, but were given the chance to win back a chunk of it by spending a night alone without touching, which they successfully managed much to their friends’ surprise.

Despite remaining in lockdown in the run-up to the show’s release and afterwards, the cast have kept in touch with a group chat.

And Kelz admitted after they all watched the series, they would have liked for it to be longer – the show was eight episodes, with each lasting around 40 minutes.

Discussing how they would have ideally liked the series to play out, Kelz said: “We do talk about this the cast and I, but we don’t call the shots. Ideally, based on what we watched and what we liked, it would have been nice to watch eight episodes and then maybe an episode a week so the viewers can watch on a journey and get to know us in more detail.

“There was a lot in there just everyday things people could relate to like me and the boys playing ball in the pool, but obviously they had their reasons for doing what they had to.”

Too Hot to Handle’s reunion show will drop on Netflix on 8 April.

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