Too Hot To Handle Cast's Instagram Accounts: Follow The Stars Of The Netflix Dating Show

7 May 2020, 15:50

Follow the cast of Netflix's 'Too Hot To Handle' on Instagram!
Follow the cast of Netflix's 'Too Hot To Handle' on Instagram! Picture: Instagram/ @haley.cure/ @HarryJowsey

Netflix's 'Too Hot To Handle' is the latest dating show to drop and you can meet the cast with their Instagram handles.

Netflix's new dating show Too Hot To Handle has taken over everyone's lives and is being compared to the likes of Love Island and Love Is Blind, only with a blended cast of UK, Irish, US, Canadian and Australian contestants – and the dramatic series has been a huge hit with reality TV lovers.

Meet the cast of singletons with all their Instagram handles, so you can stay up to date with your new binge-worthy obsession!

Why Everyone Is Talking About New Netflix Show, Too Hot To Handle

Too Hot to Handle - Trailer

Chloe Veitch

Chloe Veitch is a firm favourite on Too hot to Handle
Chloe Veitch is a firm favourite on Too hot to Handle. Picture: Chloe Veitch/Instagram

Instagram handle: @chloeveitchofficial

First up, is a Brit!

Essex girl Chloe is actually no stranger to the spotlight, having already competed in Top Model UK. She teased her part on Too Hot to Handle by saying: "It was an emotional rollercoaster.. you will see my highs and lows. But I hope you love it as much as I enjoyed filming it."

David Birtwistle

David Birtwistle had a brief fling with Chloe on Too Hot to Handle
David Birtwistle had a brief fling with Chloe on Too Hot to Handle. Picture: David Birtwistle/Instagram

Instagram handle: @david.birtwistle

Also flying the flag for Great Britain is David, who lives in London and is incredibly into his fitness, as you can probably tell from all those topless snaps, which is how he makes his money as a coach.

He's definitely one for those inspirational quotes, and has already amassed over 26k Instagram followers, a number we're sure is about to shoot much higher now Netflix has dropped the whole series!

Francesca Farago

Francesca Farago has gained millions of followers on Instagram
Francesca Farago has gained millions of followers on Instagram. Picture: Francesca Farago/Instagram

Instagram account: @francescafarago

Canadian Francesca has already amassed quite the online following with 337k followers before the series dropped, including superstar DJ, Diplo, who infamously follows a bevvy of Insta' hotties, with this THTH member no exception!

She's called the show the 'wildest experience' and a spoiler about her IG page, pretty much every picture is of her in a bikini, if you've got it, flaunt it!

Haley Cureton

Instagram handle: @haley.cure

Haley, from Florida, is a blonde bombshell sure to make a splash in the series, with her fun, beach loving lifestyle perfectly suited to the tropical setting of the show giving her an advantage!

At 21-years-old, she's on the younger side of the cast, which only ever makes for more drama!

Harry Jowsey

Instagram handle: @harryjowsey

We have our first Australian, Harry, who has the strangest Insta' bio we've read, as it simply says: "I was made in a testube."

Good for you, Haz!

An Aussie living in LA, we're thinking he's a reality show's dream contestant, oh, and he's 6''5, which he guess also helps.

Kelechi 'Kelz' Dyke

Handle: @kelechidyke

We're back across the pond as Londoner Kelechi, or 'Kez', joins the show, who is already posted up on Instagram with Love Island winner Amber Gill and seems to live a pretty luxurious lifestyle, so it looks like he finally got his big break on a reality show!

With only 4,000 Insta' followers before the show airs, he's a more low key cast member, but we're certain that number is about to explode!

Matthew Smith

Instagram handle: @matthewstephensmith

Long-haired and tattooed wild child, Matthew, is from Colorado in the US, and from his page spends most of his time travelling, modelling or playing the guitar- there's always one!

Actor, model, author and CEO are just a few of the titles his Insta' bio boasts of, and his IMDB page also adds writer and producer, so it's safe to say he's a bit of an all rounder!

Nicole O'Brien

Instagram handle: nicole.ob

Nicole is the only Irish contestant, hailing from County Cork, which we know is going to send the American cast mates wild!

Living a typical glitzy lifestyle, she's posted photos from London, where she now lives, Paris, and at various festivals and clubs, and looks sure to bring the fun!

Rhonda Paul

Instagram handle: @imrhondapaul

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Rhonda's page doesn't give too much away, apart from the fact she owns a jewellery company and really likes to take a selfie!

She had 10k followers before the series even started!

Sharron Townsend

Instagram handle: @sharrontownsendofficial

New Jersey in the house!

That's what American's say, right?! Or have we been watching too many Jersey Shore re-runs, we aren't sure.

Self professed handsome, or, Mr Shea Butter, Sharron certainly doesn't seem like a shrinking violet, which is perfect for a show like THTH!

You can also follow the official THTH Instagram page here!

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