Tiger King New Series: Cast, Release Date And What It’s Actually About

5 May 2020, 14:53

A new TV miniseries, based on Tiger King, is in the works
A new TV miniseries, based on Tiger King, is in the works. Picture: PA/Netflix

Tiger King is turning into a scripted miniseries and Nicolas Cage has been cast as Joe Exotic, but who else is part of the cast? When will it drop and what’s the plot?

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness came to our screens on Netflix, in March, and following its huge success, it is now being turned into a new scripted miniseries.

Nicolas Cage has been cast as tiger-breeder Joe Exotic for the exciting portrayal, which will be his first TV series role, and he definitely has some big shoes to fill!

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But who else will be in the Tiger King series? When is it released and what’s it about? Here’s what we know.

Tiger King- Murder, Mayhem and Madness | Official Trailer | Netflix

Who is part of the new Tiger King series cast?

Imagine Television Studios and CBS Television Studios will be producing the new series, which has confirmed leading actor Nicolas Cage.

However, there has been no mention on who will play the other notable characters such as Joe Exotic’s archnemesis Carole Baskin or his boyfriends, who appeared throughout the Netflix series.

Nicolas will be joined by award winning-television writer and producer Dan Lagana, who was also the showrunner of Netflix’s successful show American Vandal.

Nicolas Cage is set to play Tiger King's Joe Exotic in new series
Nicolas Cage is set to play Tiger King's Joe Exotic in new series. Picture: PA

What’s the release date for Tiger King’s new series?

A release date is yet to be confirmed and we still don’t know what network or streaming service the show will debut on.

However, according to CBS, the series will be taken to networks ‘in the next few days’.

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What is the new Tiger King series actually about?

The eight-episode scripted show is setting out to be a traditional series, rather than a documentary.

It will be based on the 2019 Texas Monthly article ‘Joe Exotic: A Dark Journey Into the World of a Man Gone Wild’, by Leif Reigstad.

The series will have a similar plot, just executed differently, as the summary reads: "The story centres around Joe Shreibvogel, an eccentric, exotic zookeeper in Oklahoma who fights to keep his park -- even at the risk of losing his sanity.

"The series will live in the lion's den with Joe, explore how he became Joe Exotic, and how he lost himself to a character of his own creation."

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