The Circle 2019 Prize: How Much The Season Two Winner Will Receive

23 September 2019, 16:08 | Updated: 23 September 2019, 16:11

The Circle 2019 winner will receive £100k
The Circle 2019 winner will receive £100k. Picture: Channel 4

The Circle 2019 kicks off on Tuesday 24 September.

Social media game The Circle is back on Channel 4 for a brand new series, after a successful season in 2018 which saw winner Alex Hobern catfish all of his co-stars into believing he was a girl named Kate.

The prize this year has increased to £100,000, a huge difference from last year’s £50,000.

What Is The Circle? Channel 4's 'Big Brother' Catfish Reality Show Hosted By Emma Willis

But how does a contestant go about winning the competition?

Players can choose to remain as themselves throughout the show, or they can pretend to be a completely different character from the very start.

Contestants frequently have to rate each other and unpopular players are blocked, meaning they have to leave the show – which will be filmed in Salford this year.

Alex Hobern won The Circle last year
Alex Hobern won The Circle last year. Picture: Channel 4

Those booted out will have the chance to meet the other contestants for the first time before they finally exit the apartment block, in order to see who the people they’ve been talking to really are.

Season two is expected to involve even more gameplay and drama as viewers will be able to influence how the contestants play.

Emma Willis is presenting the reality show this year, taking over from last year’s host Maya Jama.

With a £100,000 prize at stake, the players this year will no doubt be even more tactical in their game.

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