The Boys' Boss Defends Hughie's Shocking "Cake Farting" Scene Following Complaints

5 July 2024, 15:28 | Updated: 5 July 2024, 15:35

The Boys&squot; Boss Defends Hughie&squot;s Shocking "Cake Farting" Scene Following Complaints
The Boys' Boss Defends Hughie's Shocking "Cake Farting" Scene Following Complaints. Picture: Prime Video
Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

The Boys is no stranger to wild sex scenes and season 4 episode 6 features some of the show's most graphic moments yet.

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The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke says that they didn't go "too far" following complaints about Hughie's cake farting scene.

Few shows compare to The Boys when it comes to shock value. From the graphic deaths to the wild sex scenes, it's not for the faint of heart. Sometimes the sex scenes are so out there that they result in some of the characters dying. This season alone, we've seen everything from an on-screen lobotomy to a human centipede-inspired self-pleasure moment.

The show's latest episode 'Dirty Business' lives up to its name so much so that the creator is defending it from backlash.

The Boys season 4 trailer

In the episode, Hughie goes undercover as a Spider-Man-inspired supe named Webweaver who generates web from his butt hole. Hughie then infiltrates the home of a Batman-inspired character called Tek Knight and we quickly learn that Tek Knight has his own sex dungeon. Not only that but Tek Knight is into some very specific kinks. Most notably, cake farting.

In the dungeon, Tek Knight makes Hughie rub his behind on a cake, sit on it and then fart. The scene is as graphic as it sounds and it's lead to some viewers complaining that it's too much. One person tweeted: "the boys got good ass moments like recent atrain development and then itll do something stupid and unnecessary like making hughie fart on a cake."

Referencing the episode as a whole, another fan wrote: "No way I had to watch Hughie get snail trail wiped on his face, homelander getting breast fed AGAIN, and Hughie fart on a f---ing chocolate cake in one goddamn episode."

Defending the scene, Eric Kripke told Variety: "That was all pretty much as scripted. We had our poor writers’ assistant do a long list of real kinks, because we were looking for some. And I remember reading down the list and I’m like, 'What’s cake farting?' And then they explained to me, and it’s a real thing — but don’t look it up."

He added: "I just said, that’s incredible, we have to do that. It seemed like it was a real natural tie-in to bring Ashley into it, because she does have dom/sub tendencies. I love that it’s just such a perfect setup that he doesn’t know his own safe word. It’s just like a beautiful comedy setup that he’s trying to find it the whole time."

In the scene, Hughie desperately tries to figure out Webweaver's safe word to put a stop to it but he doesn't have a clue. Only at the end when he's rescued does he find out that it's "Zendaya".

What do you think? Did they go too far?

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