The Stranger Things 3 teaser features a hidden message and fans have theories

2 January 2019, 14:09

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"When blue meets yellow in the west" and "silver cats feed" both appear in the teaser for Stranger Things - but what do they mean? Here are all the current theories about the new Stranger Things 3 poster and teaser trailer.

It's official - we finally have a release date for Stranger Things season 3! Confirmed on New Year's Eve with a teaser trailer featuring stock footage of Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve countdown to 1985 (the year in which season 3 is set), the third season of the hit Netflix series will be arriving on the streaming service on Thursday July 4, 2019.

Alongside the teaser, a brand new poster was unveiled showing both Will and Eleven staring back at what we assume to be the Demogorgon (or whatever monster is reeking havoc on Hawkins this time). Mike also looks like he knows something is wrong with Eleven while Dustin, Max and Lucas are all too busy looking at the fireworks to realise that anything is wrong. There's also a ton of rats on the floor heading towards the Demogorgon... what's that about?! (There's an episode called 'The Mall Rats' so we guess we'll find out in that episode?)

But as we all know with Stranger Things, the poster clearly has a deeper meaning and the announcement teaser was not just a random New Year countdown. Much like season 2's emoji tease (remember the sunflower and the rainbow!?), the teaser appears to feature several hidden clues.

In the date announcement trailer, a series of phrases and words were spotted. "When blue and yellow meet in the west", "Silver Cat Feeds" and the Russian word for 'eleven'. Of course, absolutely nothing in Stranger Things is done by coincidence and nothing is shown without it playing into the wider context of the plot, so now it's time to investigate: what do all these clues mean?

Stranger Things 3: There's a hidden message in the new teaser trailer
Stranger Things 3: There's a hidden message in the new teaser trailer. Picture: Netflix

What does 'when blue and yellow meet in the west" mean?

In the middle of the date announcement teaser, a computer screen pops up and displays a message that reads "when blue and yellow meet in the west". The message was also shared to Stranger Things' official Instagram account.

First of all, we should probably point out that when the official Stranger Things behind-the-scenes companion book 'World Turned Upside Down' was released in October, fans discovered a series of hidden morse code messages. There were six in total, three of which were seen in the new date announcement teaser. This particular phrase can also be found written in morse code on page 79 and 80 of the Stranger Things book.

Fans are now theorising about what the phrase could mean. Some people have noticed that Eleven and Mike are wearing blue and yellow in the new poster - and have often worn blue and yellow throughout the two seasons. Others are wondering if that picture of Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven at the beach during filming in California has something to do with it. (You know, because the sand is yellow and the sea is blue?)

While they're some pretty strong theories, others have clocked (literally) an image from the Star Court Mall trailer of a clock where the hands are yellow and blue. When they "meet in the west", it will be either 8:43 or 9:49 am/pm. Could that time be a window of significance for whatever is going on in the third season? The computer messages seem to be coming from a company called Lynx Corp. Given that there are also flashes of Russian words thrown in there too, could it be a Russian company hacking Hawkins' lab?

The last episode of the season is also called "The Battle of Star Court" and considering that the clock is placed in the Mall, it could be a clue as to what time this all kicks off.

What does 'SilverCatFeeds' mean?

Fans also clocked the words 'SilverCatFeeds' in one of the computer glitches as well as the Russian word for 'Eleven'. (Silver Cat Feeds can be seen written in morse code on page 62 of the Stranger Things book. On the opposite page, there is a photo of a silver cat toy placed on the bed in the lab.)

In case you don't remember, the Russians were the ones that Eleven was tasked with spying on during one of her tests at the Hawkins Lab. Fans have suspected that they will be a main feature of the third season. The teaser trailer about Star Court Mall also featured the book 'The Hunt For Red October', a film about a Soviet naval captain that attempts to defect to the US.

On Reddit, one fan even sleuthed the morse code clue from the book and made a link to a project called Acoustic Kitty. It was a spy program set up by the CIA to spy on Kremlin and Soviet embassies using cats (yes, really). Could the toy cat in the image be some sort of spying device? Could Eleven be the Silver Cat?

The phrase 'SilverCatFeeds' appears in the new teaser for Stranger Things 3
The phrase 'SilverCatFeeds' appears in the new teaser for Stranger Things 3. Picture: Netflix

Stranger Things season 3 is released on Thursday July 4, 2019 on Netflix.