Simon Cowell Addresses Louis Tomlinson’s Future Role On The X Factor

24 April 2019, 10:47 | Updated: 24 April 2019, 11:17

Simon Cowell will let Louis Tomlinson decide if he wants to return to The X Factor
Simon Cowell will let Louis Tomlinson decide if he wants to return to The X Factor. Picture: GETTY / ITV

Simon Cowell is preparing for the next series of The X Factor, and it seems Louis Tomlinson’s role as a judge is still open to the One Direction star.

Simon Cowell has addressed Louis Tomlinson’s future on The X Factor following the pop star’s recent loss of his sister.

Louis’ 18-year-old sister tragically died over two years after the family lost their mother Johannah Deakin to leukaemia.

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Music mogul Simon has become close friends with Louis throughout the years, and The X Factor judge has now opened up on their friendship, as well as Louis’ future role on the talent show – which will see celebrity contestants take part in the next series.

Simon told the tabloids: “He’s a friend and — bear in mind how close we are — you hear that news, what he has gone through, you don’t know what to say.

"He has a fantastic career but on a personal side, his mum, his sister, his dad — to take on all of that. God only knows where he found the strength to do that. But he is strong, I reached out to say, as friends here, we’re always here for you."

The dad of one is now willing to accept whatever Louis’ decision may be when it comes to returning to The X Factor.

Simon added: “If he said to me, ‘I am taking time off’ I would respect that. He’s a great judge, by the way. He worked so hard for it.”

But the 59 year old added he is now more adamant to be there for the One Direction star as a friend, instead of thinking about work commitments.

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