5 Reasons Selling Sunset Isn’t As Fake As You Think

23 November 2021, 16:24

Selling Sunset isn't scripted
Selling Sunset isn't scripted. Picture: Netflix

By Kathryn Knight

News of Selling Sunset season 4 has fans asking all over again whether the show is real or fake.

Selling Sunset is back in our lives with season 4 – and season 5 also confirmed – meaning we’ll get to see how the likes of Christine Quinn, Chrishell Stause and Mary Fitzgerald have spent the last year.

And with all the more drama to look forward to with a new series, fans want to know if Selling Sunset is real or scripted.

When Is Season 4 Of Selling Sunset Coming Out? Release Date And All The News So Far

The cast have spoken out before on claims the series is fake, insisting it’s as real as it looks, but obviously things are dramatised for the show.

Here’s a reminder on why Selling Sunset isn’t as fake as you think, and that most of the scandals are in fact very real…

Netflix's Selling Sunset season 4 and 5 confirmed

The Selling Sunset cast are merely ‘prompted’ for reactions

Much like the drama we see on the likes of Made in Chelsea and The Only Way is Essex, the agents on Selling Sunset are living out their true lifestyles but are ‘prompted’ by the producers to ask a co-star about a topic, that way they capture a genuine reaction.

That’s probably why it always looks like the agents are back-stabbing each other.

Chrishell Stause's divorce was the focus of the last series of Selling Sunset
Chrishell Stause's divorce was the focus of the last series of Selling Sunset. Picture: Netflix

Selling Sunset’s producer said the show is ‘fully reality’

Adam DiVello is the producer behind Selling Sunset who also worked on The Hills and Laguna Beach and said he saw The Oppenheim Group’s ads in magazines and thought “that’s the cast of a show right there.”

He also said to Variety the series is “fully reality.”

The cast of Selling Sunset
The cast of Selling Sunset. Picture: Netflix

Christine Quinn lives for the drama

Christine is one of the most popular Selling Sunset stars thanks to her no-nonsense attitude, always finding herself at the centre of the office drama and quick to call out her colleagues on something she disagrees with.

“I just want to say whatever the f*** I want and for no one to get offended,” she admitted in season 3.

The cast get very honest on-screen

As Christine once famously said: “Only my t*ts are fake, I’m not fake.”

She and her co-stars have stayed true to that since season one, with Maya Vander often finding herself as the go-between during office drama.

But it was season 3 where we realised just how candid some of the agents get on-screen, with Chrishell’s shock divorce news the main focus of the series.

She said when addressing claims the show is scripted: “The show isn’t scripted. If it was, I would be pi***d!” she insisted, referring to season three’s coverage of her split from Justin Hartley.

“Who wrote that plot twist?!”

Christine Quinn is a fan favourite on Selling Sunset
Christine Quinn is a fan favourite on Selling Sunset. Picture: Netflix

Chrishell Stause and her co-stars have the broker’s license to prove it

There’s been multiple occasions the brokers have had to whip out their licenses to prove they’re actual real estate agents and not just actors.

Chrishell shared her’s on Instagram last year and Christine insisted on This Morning in September: “All of us are actually real estate agents.”

However, when asked if actors had been brought in to enhance the drama Christine stayed cryptic: "I believe," she began, before pausing: "I don't know. I don't know. I heard rumours." 

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