Riverdale’s Cole Sprouse Says The Cast Are Trying To “Recover” Following Luke Perry’s Death

8 March 2019, 14:39

Cole Sprouse reveals how the Riverdale cast are coping after Luke Perry's death.
Cole Sprouse reveals how the Riverdale cast are coping after Luke Perry's death. Picture: YouTube/Getty

Production of Riverdale was temporarily suspended following the death of Luke Perry, and Cole Sprouse has revealed how the cast are coping.

The stars of Riverdale have been paying tribute to Luke Perry following his death this week, and Cole Sprouse has revealed they are all “going through the paces”.

Riverdale Pays Tribute To Luke Perry In The First Episode Of The Netflix Show To Air Since His Death

Cole, who plays Jughead Jones in the hit series, spoke to James Corden on The Late Late Show about how the rest of the cast were dealing with the tragic news.

He revealed, “We’re recovering. We’re all going through the paces. Luke was one of those guys that I think would much rather have us laughing and telling stories about his life than lamenting it, but he was a good man.

"He was one of the guys that you never heard a bad word said about him ever in Hollywood, but out of respect for the privacy of his family during this time, I’m just trying to keep it brief."

Luke shot to fame as one of the stars of Beverly Hills 90210 before taking up the role of Fred Andrews, father of main character Archie Andrews in Riverdale.

He was admitted to hospital last week after suffering a massive stroke at his Los Angeles home, and died on Monday surrounded by his loved ones.

The show paid tribute to Luke at the end of the first episode since he passed away, with the creators promising they would pay tribute to him in every upcoming episode of the current series.

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