Every Person Joe And Love Have Killed In 'You' Seasons 1, 2 And 3

19 October 2021, 17:55

Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn became parents in You series 3
Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn became parents in You series 3. Picture: Netflix
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Because we lost track by season three episode two.

Joe Goldberg and new wife Love Quinn returned to You series three with not only a new baby, but more affairs, more erratic decisions and, oh yeah, a lot more murdering.

Another season of the Netflix hit brings another round of innocent victims and a death rate worsened by the couple’s newfound parental instincts.

Victoria Pedretti Auditioned For Another You Character Before Love Quinn

Despite moving to a new location, Madre Linda, after moving on from the death of Love’s twin brother Forty, Joe and Love (played by Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti) find an array of reasons to spontaneously kill their friendly community members.

Love Quinn reconnects with the killer inside of her in You series 3
Love Quinn reconnects with the killer inside of her in You series 3. Picture: Netflix

If season three had you thinking what on earth their body count is, here’s a list of every person killed by Joe and Love in seasons one, two and three of You.

And yes we are expecting to add hundreds more for season four when it comes out.

*Season three You spoilers ahead*

Natalie is the first to die in You series 3
Natalie is the first to die in You series 3. Picture: Netflix

Everyone Joe killed in You season one

  • 1. Benji Ashby

Played by Lou Taylor Pucci, Benji was Joe’s first victim in series one of You after the ex-boyfriend of Beck proved to be a love rival amid Joe’s obsession with Beck.

  • 2. Peach Salinger

Poor old Peach (played by Shay Mitchell) had no hope in escaping Joe’s wrath, after she refused to fall for his charm like best friend Beck.

In what’s proving to be a theme by season three, Joe snuck into her house, shot her, and forged a suicide note.

  • 3. Elijah Thornton

Elijah, portrayed by Esteban Benito, was the guy who, in a flashback scene, Joe’s ex Candace cheated with. Naturally, Joe pushed him off of a building for the scandal.

  • 4. Ron

After Joe befriends his young neighbour Paco, he notices the boy lives in fear of his stepdad, Ron, so – you guessed it – Joe stabs him in the neck.

To make things seem a tad less harsh, he was chasing Paco in a fit of rage after the youngster tried and failed to knock him out with a baseball bat.

  • 5. Guinevere Beck

Beck was the first of Joe’s girlfriends to find herself in his sound-proof cage. Just as she thought she’d outsmarted him and escaped, she realised the door to the library was locked, giving Joe enough time to murder her.

Love Quinn and Joe Goldberg bring back the soundproof hostage box
Love Quinn and Joe Goldberg bring back the soundproof hostage box. Picture: Netflix

Everyone Joe and Love killed in season two of You

  • 6. Jasper

With every town re-location comes a new identity for Joe, and when he moved to LA and became ‘Will’ by stealing an actual man named Will’s identity, he found himself being pursued by Jasper, who was after the original Will to pay him money.

Joe has no choice but to kill Jasper, feeding his body through the mincing machine at Love’s grocery store. Ew.

  • 7. Henderson

Always one to look out for the youngsters, Joe finds out his young neighbour Ellie (Jenna Ortega) has been taken advantage of while working with comedian Henderson (Chris D’Elia). After sneaking into Henderson’s house and seeing the disturbing scenes, Joe pushes Henderson down the stairs, killing him.

  • 8. Joe's mum’s boyfriend

In season two we learnt that young Joe shot his mum’s boyfriend after seeing him abuse her. Joe’s mum puts him into child protection and the whole ordeal is pretty much what ignited his killer instincts.

  • 9. Sofia

Just as fans believe Love was an innocent bakery owner, we discovered her family’s dark past. An early episode shows Love’s twin Forty was abused and sexually assaulted by their nanny when they were children, leading viewers to believe it was Forty who killed her.

However, it was Love who killed the childminder, by slitting her throat.

  • 10. Delilah Alves

Fans realised Love was Joe’s murdering match when she discovers his neighbour Delilah (Carmela Zumbado) being held hostage in his infamous book vault.

Joe thinks it was he who killed Delilah during a drugged-up state, but Love in fact murdered her to protect her boyfriend’s secret.

  • 11. Candace Stone

Played by Ambyr Childers, Candace was the ex-girlfriend Joe thought he’d successfully murdered way before he met Beck.

But Candace managed to escape after he buried her alive and hunts Joe down for revenge.

After getting Joe trapped in his own vault, she tries to show Love his true colours but Love kills her by stabbing her in the neck with a broken glass.

Joe's mother in law hints her daughter killed her first husband
Joe's mother in law hints her daughter killed her first husband. Picture: Netflix
Only a lucky few escape the wrath of Joe Goldberg
Only a lucky few escape the wrath of Joe Goldberg. Picture: Netflix

Everyone Joe and Love killed in season three

  • 12. Natalie Engler

Natalie (Michaela McManus) was the first to die in season three, after Love discovers their neighbour has become husband Joe’s new obsession, keeping some of her belongings in a secret box.

After being shown around the shop Love eventually leases from Natalie’s company, Love kills her with an axe.

  • 13. Gil

The Gil storyline is a complicated one after Love knocks him out when she discovers his children aren’t vaccinated against the measles days after her baby Henry was hospitalised with the virus.

Love and Joe lock him in their vault, this time in the bakery, to try and get some dark secrets from him in exchange for his freedom, but they discover his son has been assaulting young girls and his wife has kept it a secret from him.

Gil hangs himself in the vault, so Joe and Love move his body to his home and fake a suicide note, in which they pinned the blame for Natalie’s death onto him.

  • 14. Ryan

Joe quickly finds a new obsession in Madre Linda after Love kills Natalie, moving his attention to librarian Marienne (Tati Gabrielle).

Marienne’s ex-husband is making her life hell amid a custody battle for their daughter, so Joe stabs Ryan.

  • 15. James Kennedy

In series two we discovered Love was grieving the death of her first husband, James, who apparently died from cancer.

But in season three Love’s mother hints to Joe that it was in fact her daughter who took his life… which turns out to be true.

  • 16. Love Quinn

The final episode of You series three is a messy one, as Love attends to paralyse Joe in the way she paralysed her first husband before accidentally killing him.

Anticipating her move after noticing she planted Wolfsbane in their garden months prior, Joe takes adrenaline to counteract its effects and successfully breaks free from its control.

He fakes his death, sets fire to the house and, yep, fakes a suicide note from Love.

Joe has already prepared for the showdown by giving up baby Henry to librarian colleague Dante and his husband.

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