Will Olivia Rodrigo Be In High School Musical: The Musical – The Series Season 3?

9 August 2021, 13:19

Olivia Rodrigo plays Nini in HSMTMTS
Olivia Rodrigo plays Nini in HSMTMTS. Picture: Getty / Disney+
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Olivia Rodrigo rose to fame on High School Musical: The Musical – The Series, but it was her song ‘Drivers License’ which put her on the map.

High School Musical: The Musical – The Series is a huge success thanks to Olivia Rodrigo and Joshua Basset, who play lead characters Nini and Ricky.

Olivia’s music career took off alongside the hit Disney+ series, after her debut single ‘Drivers License’ became a worldwide phenomenon at the start of 2021.

Five months later she released her first album, ‘Sour’, and its success has fans wondering if she’ll return to HSMTMTS for season three.

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Season two was released earlier this year and although series three hasn’t been officially announced, Olivia recently spoke about her commitment to the show.

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Olivia Rodrigo and her HSMTMTS co-stars
Olivia Rodrigo and her HSMTMTS co-stars. Picture: Getty

Will Olivia Rodrigo be in High School Musical: The Musical – The Series season 3?

Olivia said in an interview with The Guardian in May 2021 she is committed to HSMTMTS for two more years, but how much of a focus her character will have remains to be seen.

She acknowledged the commitment will be ‘challenging’ alongside her music career, but her songwriting is where her passion will lie.

The 18-year-old said: “I think it’s really hard to split time between the two and there are very few artists who do that efficiently, because acting is based on being a good liar and presenting a version of yourself that’s believable, and being a songwriter is the complete opposite. It’s like, here are all of my deepest, darkest secrets and I want you to know me so personally.”

And in an interview with GQ in August, Olivia said she’s not sure on how her next few years will pan out.

Olivia Rodrigo wants to focus on her songwriting career
Olivia Rodrigo wants to focus on her songwriting career. Picture: Getty

“Not sure,” she answered when asked about whether she wants to continue acting. “I really don't know where my career's going to go in the next five years or in the next 10.

“I’m really grateful that I get to be doing both now. I just think it's about finding projects and writing songs I feel really passionate about.”

Whatever Olivia decides to do, series creator Tim Federle said he would support whichever direction the ‘Good 4 U’ singer takes.

He said to Entertainment Weekly: “I want the show to succeed, but the actors who make the show are always more important to me than the product.

Olivia Rodrigo released her debut album 'Sour' in May
Olivia Rodrigo released her debut album 'Sour' in May. Picture: Olivia Rodrigo/Instagram

“I guess what I mean is, I want Olivia to be happy. I'd love for her to keep making the show, but at the end of the day I'm there to be both the head cheerleader of my series and also read the moment and say, ‘Wow, what Olivia is going through feels so unprecedented that I just want to support her in all of her dreams’.”

Ironically, season 2 of HSMTMTS ended with a reflection of Olivia’s life away from the show, with her character Nini on the verge of pursuing a musical career.

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