Celebrity Gogglebox Martin Kemp: Wife, Children And Spandau Ballet Career Revealed

5 June 2020, 13:26 | Updated: 10 July 2020, 10:12

Martin Kemp Celebrity Gogglebox: Age, family and Spandau Ballet career
Martin Kemp Celebrity Gogglebox: Age, family and Spandau Ballet career. Picture: Getty Images/ Channel 4 Gogglebox

The father of our very own Roman Kemp, Martin, has joined him on the 'Celebrity Gogglebox' sofa- so, how old is he and who is married to? His Spandau Ballet career revealed..

Martin Kemp and his son and our very own Capital Breakfast DJ, Roman Kemp, have returned to Celebrity Gogglebox to let the nation see them nattering away in their living room.

So, how old is Martin, who are his children and famous wife, and everything about his Spandau Ballet career revealed...

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How old is Martin Kemp?

Martin Kemp is 58-years-old, and was born on 10th October 1961, making this former pop star a Libra.

Help us out, but we really can't think of anyone who looks better at 58, TBH!

Martin Kemp is joining his son Roman Kemp on Celebrity Gogglebox
Martin Kemp is joining his son Roman Kemp on Celebrity Gogglebox. Picture: Channel 4 Gogglebox

Martin Kemp became famous as part of 80s band, Spandau Ballet

Spandau Ballet was formed in 1979 and is described as 'new wave' from Islington, London- with the group made up of Tony Hadley, Martin Kemp, Gary Kemp, Steve Norman, Michael Ellison and John Keeble.

They are known for hits including 'Gold', 'True', and 'Through The Barricades' and are one of the biggest bands of the 80s.

Although the band split in the 90s, they've reunited on various occasions to perform and play together- and Martin's brother, Gary, was in the band alongside him.

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Who is Martin Kemp's wife, Shirlie?

Martin has been married to Shirlie Holliman since 1988, having been introduced to the singer hailing from the band Pepsi & Shirley by music icon George Michael- who was godfather to Roman Kemp.

Together, they live in London!

Who are Martin Kemp's children?

Martin and Shirlie had two children together- Roman who is 27 and a DJ here at Capital, and Harley Moon, who is 30, and a photographer with her own creative agency.

What is Martin Kemp's Instagram handle?

You can follow the 80s icon at @martinjkemp, where he's already got a huge following of 340k followers!

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