Why Did MAFS’ Jack And Tori Storm Out The Final Australian Reunion

9 April 2024, 15:26 | Updated: 9 April 2024, 16:50

Tori and Jack were paired up by the experts in MAFS Australia 2024
Tori and Jack were paired up by the experts in MAFS Australia 2024. Picture: Channel Nine

By Tiasha Debray

Married At First Sight Australia’s most outrageous couple Jack and Tori left the final reunion episode early. But what happened that had them storming out?

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The experts Alessandra Rampolla, Mel Schilling and John Aiken paired Jack Dunkley and Tori Adams together initially in Married At First Sight Australia, and it’s been an absolute rollercoaster ever since.

With scandals involving exes, unacceptable behaviour and some low-key manipulation and gaslighting, Jack and Tori may go down as one of the most unpopular couples to grace the show's history.

Australia was done and dusted with the 2024 season of the show after this weekend, as the reunion episodes aired. The UK has been roughly one month behind in our broadcast, but while we may not be completely up to date, that doesn’t mean we can’t read about all the dramatics that went down.

The most dramatic of which was Tori and Jack abruptly storming out of the reunion in the middle of their session on the couch with the experts. But why did they leave?

Warning: Show spoilers ahead!

Jack has been accused of cheating on wife Tori during the social experiment
Jack has been accused of cheating on wife Tori during the social experiment. Picture: Channel Nine

Why did Jack and Tori leave the reunion?

Jack and Tori left the MAFS reunion in a huff after the pair had to watch footage of their relationship’s lowest points throughout the season of the show.

As all couples were taken through a summary of their journeys, none were as colourful as Jack and Tori's which included moments of the groom calling his fellow contestants ‘whales’, telling contestant Jono McCullough to ‘muzzle his woman’, as well as footage that showed him flirting with some of the other wives.

The confronting video also showed sexist comments Jack made to the other groups about offering them to have sex with his on-screen wife.

Tori’s reaction to the scandal was to back her on-screen husband all the way
Tori’s reaction to the scandal was to back her on-screen husband all the way. Picture: Channel Nine

Whilst Tori stood by Jack through all those events, seeing it become the be-all and end-all of their journey on the show seriously annoyed her.

What followed was Tori ripping her microphone off and leaving the reunion with Jack in tow, the latter who jumped on an interview with Today Extra, according to the Daily Mail, the following morning to clear it all up.

“We sat down and we had about a 20-minute video of every single lowlight,” Jack explained in the interview. “There was many, many happy moments. They just weren't seen and shared. And I think Tori had had enough. She didn't feel like we're going to get any justice sitting on that couch answering these questions any longer,” he added.

After the video was played and Tori was asked by the experts what her thoughts were of the behaviour shown by her partner, Tori became defensive. The experts accused her of ignoring Jack’s red flags, allowing his bad behaviour and at times even acting like a shield for him.

Tori was accused by the experts of enabling Jack's behaviour
Tori was accused by the experts of enabling Jack's behaviour. Picture: Channel Nine

“I know who Jack is, and I don’t want to hear it,” she told the experts in return, “Jack was always a really good person to confide in. I have never experienced someone with so much.”

About the footage played, Tori revealed, “It has no impact on our relationship. It doesn’t affect us. Let me tell you the best time I’ve had with Jack is when we’ve been away from this show,” she went on to say, “The minute we come back to this, it turns into an absolute sh*t fight.”

Tori was seen once again coming to Jack’s defence, despite the video evidence that suggested she needed to be less biased.

But the combination of the expert's questions and the input from her fellow cast members proved to snap the final thread holding Tori together.

It was Tori's decision to storm out of the Reunion episode
It was Tori's decision to storm out of the Reunion episode. Picture: Channel Nine

Eventually, she snapped “Let's go. I'm not kidding,” to Jack and the pair stormed out of filming the reunion today, all whilst Tori continued to rant, saying “What the f**k was that? Are you taking the absolute p**s?”

Jack then asked her “Do you want to go home?” before Tori responded, “Yes right now. I want to go. I'm not f***ing staying here. I'm done with this bull***.”

That was the last the show saw of the couple, as Tori just hours later posted a final scathing post on Instagram of the group at the reunion with the caption “Goodbye and good riddance.”

Jack and Tori made a pact to leave the reunion

After the episode aired, in an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle, Jack revealed that he and Tori had planned and made a ‘pact’ before showing up to filming.

They agreed that they would both walk out if they felt like things were, ironically, getting too “toxic” for them. “We had been out of the show for a month and Tori was pretty emotionally dejected from the experiment at that point,” Jack told the publication.

“I kind of softly encouraged her, ‘Let’s just finish it off babe, we've come this far. Let’s go in there, own our s**t like we do’, and hopefully, they show some positive moments and have a discussion as to how we've been navigating long distance and if we're in a good place and we're happy, and we can tell them and show them that we are legit, we are happy, this is what we've been doing.”

Not a crazy opinion to have, because despite how they’ve been depicted on the show, Tori and Jack are one of the only couples still together after the 2024 experiment.

Tori revealed that she and Jack had plans to leave the experiment early
Tori revealed that she and Jack had plans to leave the experiment early. Picture: Channel Nine

Jack even expressed this same sentiment, calling it “brutal” that they were forced to relive their worst moments and none of their happy ones when every other couple got off much easier.

“Everyone else sat down and they had a 10-minute video and went through some ups and downs, and then the experts gave them an opportunity at the end, whether the couple was together or not, to finish on a high note and say some nice things and they got thanked for being there,” he said.

In comparison, Jack claimed, “We had one 10-minute video and it was all negative, they asked us a couple of questions about that which was pretty brutal and it was just a s**t show to watch,” he said.

Jack went on to explain, “We went in with a pact. I said to Tori, ‘If at any moment you don't want to be there, it does turn into a s**t show and it's getting toxic, let me know and I'll take you home’, and that's kind of what you saw on TV,” he revealed.

“As soon as she said she'd had enough and she wanted to go, I knew that was trigger time. We walked outside and I picked her mic off myself and I pulled my own mic off, they were still filming us at this point.”

“Tori looked like she wanted to explode and I said, ‘Babe, just keep it together. This is probably what they want. Don’t give them the reaction they do not deserve at this point of the experiment’.”

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