Jack From MAFS Australia: Age, Job, Ex-Girlfriend And More

13 March 2024, 15:30

Here's everything you need to know about Married at First Sight's Jack Dunkley
Here's everything you need to know about Married at First Sight's Jack Dunkley. Picture: Nine/Instagram

By Abbie Reynolds

Married at First Sight Australia couple Tori and Jack have been all viewers can talk about, but who is Jack and did he have a girlfriend before the show? Here's everything we know about the MAFS star.

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Married at First Sight 2024 sees Jack Dunkley and Tori Adam become husband and wife but as the series plays out there have been mixed emotions towards the self-described "alpha" Jack.

The pairing of the two seemed to be a bit of a risk from experts Mel Schilling, Alessandra Rampolla and John Aiken since Jack had said he usually goes for a "submissive" girlfriend but Tori had described herself as fiercely independent.

However the pair seemed to make it work, despite Jack revealing that he wasn't sexually attracted to her while they were on their honeymoon.

As the series plays out Jack finds himself in a bit of bother after he told fellow MAFS star Jono McCullough to 'muzzle' his wife Lauren Dunn as well as a later comment where he referred to some of the cast as "whales" whilst sunbathing.

But who is the real Jack that Tori seems to have fallen in love with? Here's everything we know about him from his ex-girlfriend - who has come out to speak about their relationship - to his job.

Jack is married to Tori on Married at First Sight
Jack is married to Tori on Married at First Sight. Picture: Nine

How old is Jack from MAFS?

Jack Dunkley is 34 years old and is originally from Queensland, Australia. He was matched with 27-year-old Tori Adams who is a business development manger from Victoria.

What does Jack from MAFS do for a living?

If you couldn't already tell from his physique Jack works as a personal trainer. He shares lots of workout content on his Instagram.

His work was picked up as a bit of a red flag by one of Tori's bridesmaids as she was concerned that the majority of his guests were clients and not actual friends of his.

Jack from Married at First Sight works as a personal trainer
Jack from Married at First Sight works as a personal trainer. Picture: Instagram @jack_dunkley

Who is Jack from MAFS ex-girlfriend?

A lady named Courtney Jade has come forward to say that she is Jack's ex and she feels she was blindsided by his decision to go onto Married at First Sight.

Speaking to the experts, Jack insisted that his relationship with Courtney "wasn't serious," he said: "It was a weekend friends with benefits, it was of no significance, it was a casual relationship."

However, Courtney says she wants to 'defend her character' after being portrayed as a 'disgruntled ex'. She told The Wash: "For something so meaningful to be disregarded like nothing... All I can do now is put my armour on and fight a battle I never wanted."

She later told Daily Mail Australia: "It's one thing to go through a breakup, but it's another thing to have to relive it on nationwide TV and talk about it."

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Courtney claims Jack broke things off citing moving overseas for work as the reason but he was instead prepping to join the MAFS cast. His partner Tori has made it clear that this situation doesn't bother her.

On the show she said: ""What he was doing the morning of his wedding and beyond is my concern. What he was doing the night before I, to be brutally honest, couldn't give a f**k."

However, Courtney has since come out to claim that she has slept with Jack since he has been with Tori. On her Instagram, Courtney wrote: “When he says he’s into his wife but he comes home and sleeps with me and proceeds to break my heart again. Spoiler alert media come at me.

"I shouldn’t have done it but I did not knowing the disrespect or outcome of this show lessons were learnt.” Adding: "Tori knows and doesn't care so enjoy my seconds. Yall know nothing. Disgruntled ex on the move."

What is Jack from MAFS Australia's Instagram?

You can find Jack over on his Instagram @jack_dunkley.

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