MAFS UK 2023: 8 New Contestants Join The Experiment

26 September 2023, 00:05

MAFS UK stars Jay and Ella get a rude interruption after steamy night

By Kathryn Knight

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E4 have announced eight new contestants will say ‘I do’ on Married at First Sight UK this week, revealing some surprise additions to the 2023 line-up.

The four new couples are set to shake things up even further after the series got off to a dramatic start with the likes of Ella and Nathanial, Laura and Arthur, and Peggy and Georges.

The new contestants include fashion brand owner JJ from Essex, personal trainer Jordan from Sheffield, dance teacher Erica from Edinburgh and hair extension specialist Bianca from Buxton.

Like the couples we’ve already seen walk down the aisle, the new brides and grooms will marry a stranger, making a commitment to one another in a glamorous ceremony before they’re put to the test by heading on their honeymoon.

Then, they’ll join the rest of the couples at the regular dinner parties and commitment ceremonies.

Get to know the new MAFS UK 2023 contestants below.

JJ has joined MAFS UK 2023
JJ has joined MAFS UK 2023. Picture: E4


Age: 30

From: Essex

Job: Fashion Brand Owner

Self-declared ‘mummy’s boy’ JJ wants to make his mum proud on his wedding day and prides himself on being a ‘massive softie’.

After spending time in LA he’s keen to find love closer to home.

Jordan has joined MAFS UK 2023
Jordan has joined MAFS UK 2023. Picture: E4


Age: 26

From: Sheffield

Job: Personal Trainer

Jordan is a ‘complete socialite’ who describes himself as a big kid at heart. After going through some tough times he’s got ‘more confidence than ever’ and is ready to find someone who ticks all his boxes.

He has amazing friends and a great career but he’s after a life partner he can share it all with.

Mark has joined MAFS UK 2023
Mark has joined MAFS UK 2023. Picture: E4


Age: 36

From: London

Job: Customer Service Manager

Mark is a fashionista who likes to stand out from the crowd; his motto is ‘too much is never enough’ and looking good is his priority.

After 10 years of being single, Mark is taking on the ultimate test to find the right partner.

Matt has joined MAFS UK 2023
Matt has joined MAFS UK 2023. Picture: E4


Age: 29

From: Harrogate

Job: Window Cleaner & Athlete

Matt is described as ‘laid back and a secret softie’. He’s caring and wears his heart on his sleeve.

He hasn’t been lucky in love for the past year and is hoping the experts find him the right person.

Sean has joined MAFS UK 2023
Sean has joined MAFS UK 2023. Picture: E4


Age: 31

From: Durham

Job: Store Manager

Sean is ‘fashion savvy’ and describes himself as a social butterfly who’s also very career driven. His friends have dubbed him ‘brutal Barry’ for how outspoken he is.

After coming out later in life Sean feels he’s behind and has lost out on years he could have spent navigating the gay dating scene.

Having never had a relationship, he’s putting his fate into the experts’ hands.

Adrienne has joined MAFS UK 2023
Adrienne has joined MAFS UK 2023. Picture: E4


Age: 26

From: Cumbria

Job: Project Support Officer

Adrienne is looking for someone who’s self-driven and who she can share a future with.

After recently losing a life-changing eight stone, Adrienne has a newfound confidence and is ready to meet her perfect partner.

Bianca has joined MAFS UK 2023
Bianca has joined MAFS UK 2023. Picture: E4


Age: 29

From: Buxton

Job: Hair Extension Specialist

Bianca has struggled with self-doubt in the past but feels she’s ‘risen from the ashes’ and is ‘stronger than ever’.

She wants to marry a stranger after having prioritised her career for most of her adult life and deciding it’s time to put love first.

Erica has joined MAFS UK 2023
Erica has joined MAFS UK 2023. Picture: E4


Age: 25

From: Edinburgh

Job: Dance Teacher/Social Media Manager

Erica is trusting the experiment after having been unlucky in love for too long. She said she’s ready to find the ‘one’ after having been heartbroken.

Having pursued a career in dancing, Erica decided to start teaching instead and finds it far more rewarding. She also has a love for social media and has set up her own business to utilise her skills.

She’s adamant her soulmate isn’t in Edinburgh and is handing the power over to the experts.

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