Fans Rush To MAFS’ Lucinda’s Defence After Timothy Leaves Her In Tears

18 March 2024, 11:54

Lucinda Light and Timothy Smith were paired together by the experts on MAFS Australia
Lucinda Light and Timothy Smith were paired together by the experts on MAFS Australia. Picture: Channel Nine

By Tiasha Debray

Married At First Sight Australia ramped up and after an explosive dinner party that had Timothy Smith yelling across a table, he left Lucinda Light in tears.

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MAFS Australia 2024 has been heralded as one of the most dramatic seasons of the show and it’s not disappointed us yet. Experts Alessandra Rampolla, Mel Schilling and John Aiken have publicly spoken about how different and dramatic the newest season has been.

Recently, fan favourite couples Timothy and Lucinda found themselves entangled in some drama with Tori and Jack, who could be considered the most problematic couple this season.

Timothy found himself pushed to his limit which resulted in him yelling some shady stuff across the dinner table.

After an explosive dinner party, MAFS Australia fans flooded the internet to back Lucinda after she was left out to dry by her on-screen husband Timothy when he was accused of not caring about her.

MAFS' Timothy and Lucinda were involved in drama at the Dinner Party
MAFS' Timothy and Lucinda were involved in drama at the Dinner Party. Picture: Channel Nine

One fan said, "I’m so glad Lucinda is finally thinking of herself and not just being gentle and reassuring and present while Tim figures out who he is."

That is the side of Lucinda we’ve seen the most of so far, the patient woman who has been nothing but gentle with Timothy’s emotions, but the callous remarks at the dinner party were a reality check for the cast member.

After a contestant revealed that Timothy, a 51-year-old man had been seeing women as young as 23 outside the experiment and Tori accused him of ‘not even liking his own wife’, Lucinda broke down and her tears enraged her fans.

“If Timothy hurts our lovely Lucinda Light there will be nowhere to hide,” one wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter).

MAFS' Timothy claimed he was a 'slow burner' when it came to relationships
MAFS' Timothy claimed he was a 'slow burner' when it came to relationships. Picture: Channel Nine

Another wrote, “It is a shame but he doesn't seem to be at all attracted to her. She deserves a spiritual guru partner!”

They’re of course referring to Timothy’s constant claims that he’s been a slow burn in this relationship, which whilst most understood at the beginning, now is being used against him, especially after he was so combative at the Dinner Party.

“No one's buying Tim's charade, he should be focusing on his relationship with Lucinda,” one fan wrote, which seemed to be the consensus online. Most fans believe that Timothy should be focusing on his issues with Lucinda rather than stirring the pot with Tori and her husband Jack.

A fan of the show called Timothy “Just a troublemaker taking the focus off his own problems.”

It seems like Timothy’s been feeling a lot of pressure in the experiment that pressure has been building and building. That's the only explanation for why he went off the way he did at the dinner party.

MAFS' Timothy felt a lot of pressure in the experiment
MAFS' Timothy felt a lot of pressure in the experiment. Picture: Channel Nine

Timothy questioned whether Tori and Jack's marriage was real and if you’re wondering why he would do that out of the blue, it’s because during the groom’s Intimacy Workshop, Jack for some reason revealed he was not sexually attracted to Tori, his wife on the show.

After hearing Tori share how great her Intimacy Week with Jack had gone, Timothy couldn’t stand it any longer and shouted, "bulls**t," across the dinner table.

"Jack's a sexual person, you're a sexual person and it's not happening!" he said, which some might have sounded slightly hypocritical considering he’s been having issues building intimacy with his own wife, Lucinda.

To the camera, Timothy raged on claiming, “That's my right and that's my duty. We don't live in a communist country, I can say anything about anyone at any time, suck it up princess if you don't like it, go somewhere else.”

MAFS' Timothy had pent up anger directed at Tori and Jack
MAFS' Timothy had pent up anger directed at Tori and Jack. Picture: Channel Nine

His disproportionate amount of rage confused viewers and had them questioning whether his intimacy issues were being projected onto Tori and Jack.

"That's my opinion!" Timothy finally declared, but it was far from over.

Tori was unaware of what her husband had said about their sexual chemistry, so she jumped to his defence saying "I have a lot of respect for you Lucinda, there is no connection there… [we are] leaps and bounds ahead of people who may have even slept together."

Tori called out Timothy for being dishonest about his future with Lucinda, but Timothy denied it, saying, “The slow burn thing is actually real, all of my relationships have started in friendship.”

However, that’s when it came out that Timothy had dated quite young before the experiment.

“Weren't they like 23 years old? Wasn't one of them 23?”, fellow contestant Lauren questioned at the table whilst Lucinda looked incredibly uncomfortable.

Timothy brushed off the question but when speaking to the camera, he said, “I've dated girls from 53 to 23, get over it. I don't have a stereotypical type. If I connect with someone over a period of time.”

But it became obvious that Timothy’s choice to verbally attack other couples was hurting Lucinda, who wanted nothing to do with it.

MAFS' Timothy and Lucinda have struggled with their own intimacy building
MAFS' Timothy and Lucinda have struggled with their own intimacy building. Picture: Channel Nine

Tori aggressively told Timothy, “You're clutching buddy, you're clutching at nothing! You're like ‘Oh you mustn't like each other, you're not even sleeping together’. You don't even f**king like your wife!”

To which Timothy replied, “That's a little bit cruel, that's a little bit bulls**t.”

The whole event was not pretty and poor Lucinda didn’t ask to be pulled into it and embarrassed like that.

Speaking to the camera, she said, “I feel a bit humiliated... I just wanted to hide in my little shell, I was quite uncomfortable to be completely honest.”

Lucinda Light stars in MAFS promo

“All this explosion happening around, I just wanted to crawl into a hole and get under the duvet cover and not be around it.”

And it seemed like the event had made her realise that she needed to seriously consider if Timothy was the right life partner for her.

“At this point, I'm still assessing if Tim is for me, let's not discard that... The lifestyles are very different - he's a television watcher, he eats lots of sugar. He's into things and not into things, so I'm wondering actually if it's for me, so that's where we're at.”

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