Married At First Sight UK: Nikita To Return For ‘Juicy’ Showdown After Being Removed From The Show

9 September 2021, 11:00

Nikita promises 'juicy' return to MAFS UK

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Nikita Jasmine will be back on Married at First Sight UK one day after she was removed from the experiment.

Nikita was removed from Married at First Sight UK after lashing out at her fellow contestants when she came to blows with Alexis’ husband Jordon at the cast reunion dinner.

The 26-year-old was asked to leave after a situation ‘escalated off camera’, following her row with Jordon as she tried to defend Alexis, but she’s promised she’ll be returning to the show to ‘say her piece’.

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In an Instagram Stories video posted on Wednesday night, Nikita teased her return for the commitment ceremony.

She said: “Well it all went down tonight, hasn’t it?

Nikita makes a return to Married At First Sight UK after outburst

Nikita and Ant were matched on MAFS UK
Nikita and Ant were matched on MAFS UK. Picture: E4

“Make sure you tune in tomorrow at 9pm because the commitment ceremony is going to be a very juicy one, where I get to say my piece.

“I’ll also be appearing on Married At First Sight Afters with the lovely AJ Odudu, Tom Read Wilson and of course the king Paul Brunson.

“A lot is going on and this definitely won’t be the last you see of me, let me tell you that for nothing. Watch this space.”

The following morning she posted a statement, clearing up how she left the show, stating she ‘was not dragged away by security.’

Nikita posted a statement about her exit from MAFS UK
Nikita posted a statement about her exit from MAFS UK. Picture: Nikita Jasmine/Instagram
Nikita was asked to leave MAFS UK
Nikita was asked to leave MAFS UK. Picture: E4

“Just to clear a few things up before I get back to my beauty sleep. I was not dragged away by security and kicked off the show at the dinner party lmfao,” she wrote.

“I chose to leave the dinner party that particular night then sat in a different room with some people eating pizza and having a glass of wine. You will see tonight what actually happens and my response at the commitment ceremony then my appearance on MAFS Afters & of course when I’m back for the reunion show in a few weeks!”

She continued: “If I was that problematic, people wouldn’t work with me again, it’s as simple as that. Don’t always believe what you read in the press or see online it’s absolutely hilarious.”

Nikita added: “I’ve made best friends for life including the producers as well whom I speak to everyday.”

Nikita also posted a selfie from the dinner party alongside husband Ant and Alexis, urging her followers to remember they don’t see the full picture.

Nikita promised a 'juicy' return to MAFS UK
Nikita promised a 'juicy' return to MAFS UK. Picture: Nikita Jasmine/Instagram

She said in the caption: “Nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors, this dinner party took around 12 hours to film, it was a hectic day, nobody got to see the real deal.

“I’ll always have my girls backs even if it’s not reciprocated unfortunately. A lot of us created close bonds off camera. See the bigger picture people. I’ll be back tomorrow 9pm on the dot.”

Married at First Sight UK continues at 9pm on E4.

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