After We Collided: Fans Are Living For Hardin's NSFW Butt Scene

3 September 2020, 13:43

After We Collided included a surprise shot of Hardin's butt
After We Collided included a surprise shot of Hardin's butt. Picture: After We Collided/ Offspring Entertainment

'After We Collided' has hit the cinema and an appearance of Hero Fiennes Tiffin's bare booty has sent fans into a frenzy, thanking the movie for giving them more than they could ever have hoped for!

After We Collided has finally been released and as fans rush to cinemas to see what unfolds between Tessa and Hardin, there's one thing everyone's talking about- the shot of Hero Fiennes Tiffin's bare buttocks that left many with an open jaw.

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Fans rushed to tweet about the scene that sees Hardin get dressed and his entire bum is displayed on the screen, taking everyone by surprise, writing to the official film page with their shock (and gratitude).

One fan joked, "Not aftermovie coming online and seeing all our tweets about Hero’s ass."

The movie replied, joking they knew a big surprise was on its way to everyone watching: "I mean, I knew it was coming."

"I told you all not to leave the [theatre] cause you wouldn't wanna miss something."

As the movie is only released in cinemas in certain countries, the film's social media account asked those who have seen it not to post spoilers for others- but even they couldn't resist talking about the saucy moment!

After We Collided official trailer

The sequel to Anna Todd's book-turned-movie hit UK cinemas on the 2nd September and you can find the show times online, with it being the first time the franchise has made it to the big screen.

If you're wondering what the second instalment is about, the official synopsis says: "Tessa finds herself struggling with her complicated relationship with Hardin; she faces a dilemma that could change their lives forever."

They've also added a huge name to the cast, with Dylan Sprouse joining the cast as rival love interest, Trevor, and honestly, we think it's perfect casting.

No butt scene from him though... maybe if there's a third movie?!

We can only dream.

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