Taylor Swift's Boyfriend Travis Kelce Just Revealed His Favourite Reality TV Show

22 March 2024, 16:45 | Updated: 22 March 2024, 17:20

Travis Kelce has revealed which reality TV show he can't get enough of
Travis Kelce has revealed which reality TV show he can't get enough of. Picture: Getty/TikTok: chelseablackwell

By Tiasha Debray

Travis Kelce proved he’s exactly like the rest of us when he revealed which reality dating show he’s been watching, but could Taylor Swift be watching right next to him?

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Travis Kelce, better known as Taylor Swift’s boyfriend to some, has revealed a little more about himself on his podcast New Heights.

The pair have been dating since 2023 and from the sounds of things, when he’s not busy tearing it up in the field, Travis likes a night in watching the best reality TV he can find.

The Kansas City Chiefs player revealed to his older brother Jason on the podcast that he had a slight addiction to watching Netflix’s Love is Blind.

Whilst Travis didn’t specifically mention watching the show with Taylor, we like to think the two snuggle up with a hot chocolate and laugh with Chelsea Blackwell like the rest of us.

Travis Kelce and brother Jason Kelce host a podcast together called New Heights
Travis Kelce and brother Jason Kelce host a podcast together called New Heights. Picture: Getty

Kelce begged his older brother to start watching the series and even compared it to his own failed dating show Catching Kelce. “You gotta watch Love Is Blind, man. It is the worst trash ever, it’s worse than Catching Kelce, but it’s so f***ing good,” he said on the podcast.

Catching Kelce was a reality dating show starring Travis where a group of 50 young women vied for his heart, each representing a US state. It premiered on E! in October 2016 and flopped horrifically only airing seven episodes.

But Travis revealed that he’s truly just like all of us when he talked about watching Chelsea on the show, “Honestly, I just want you to watch the one girl and to just hear her,” he asked Jason before beginning to impersonate Chelsea during one of her more iconic moments.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift began dating in 2023
Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift began dating in 2023. Picture: Getty

“You think I’m clingy? I’m clingy? Really?” he says mimicking Chelsea when she delivered those lines to her ex-fiance Jimmy Presnell.

If you’re not familiar with Chelsea, then all you need to know is that she became an internet icon after comparing her looks to Megan Fox while on series six of the show in 2024.

This caused a massive debate online with half the show's fans thinking she was crazy and the other half squinting their eyes and murmuring ‘Yeah I can see it.’

Chelsea was criticised for the way she handled herself during arguments with her on-screen beau Jimmy. But these are all key qualities to becoming the internet celebrity she is today.

What makes this all the more entertaining is that Chelsea found out that Travis knew of her existence and made a TikTok about it.

“I just got the most mortifying news,” Chelsea said in her video. “I really feel like I need to crawl under a rock at this point because Travis Kelce did an impersonation of me, and the only outlet that this man knows my name, or not even knows my name, is from whining like a baby back b****.”

Chelsea managed to laugh at herself and her behaviour before adding, “Taylor Swift, if you’re watching it with him, Please stop.”

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