What Does 'The CEO Of' Mean On TikTok?

30 March 2020, 17:28

The CEO Of comment on TikTok
The CEO Of comment on TikTok. Picture: TikTok/Jade Thirwall

For those of us who are new to TikTok, it's probably worth us explaining exactly what the definition of the phrase 'the CEO of' actually means.

Ever been scrolling past your 100th TikTok at 2am and seen the comments section filled with 'omg you're the CEO of dancing' and 'lool CEO of Harry Potter references'? Yup, so have we.

Well, we're here to explain exactly what that is so you don't sound like one of your granparents the next time someone shows you a Charli D'Amelio dance and you have no idea how to reply.

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Halsey on TikTok
Halsey on TikTok. Picture: TikTok/Halsey

Between all the challenges, dance crazes and endless videos of dogs, you've also got all the new lingo everyone's pouring out of there fingertips.

What does 'the CEO of mean in TikTok'?

So, 'the CEO of' is essentially the same on TikTok as it is in the real world: a chief executive officer.

Basically you are the absolute master of that one topic or trend. In fact, there is a a hashtag that users have started to use for the term too... #CEOof obviously.

For example, one user commented on Halsey' post with the comment, "CEO of the reason my hair is blue:". Get it?!

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