Taylor Swift Will Leave Travis Kelce For Sam Heughan, Outlander Star Jokes

6 June 2024, 10:38

Sam Heughan uploaded a video on in Instagram in the first week of June 2024
Sam Heughan uploaded a video on in Instagram in the first week of June 2024. Picture: Alamy

By Tiasha Debray

Outlander’s Sam Heughan plans to attend Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour concert where he’s 100% certain she will fall head over heels for him and leave her current boyfriend, Travis Kelce behind.

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Sam Heughan has sent Swifties crazy after joking about attempting to catch Taylor Swift’s heart when he plans to attend her Eras Tour in Scotland.

The Outlander star uploaded a video on his Instagram in the first week of June, in which he’s dressed as the iconic character from the Starz series, Jamie Fraser.

Taylor’s just taken over a month off from touring, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t been busy.

The musician took her needed holiday to release not one but two albums, ‘The Tortured Poets Department’ and ‘The Tortured Poets Department Anthology’, whilst also finding time to party in Coachella with her boyfriend Travis Kelce.

Sam Heughan stars in Outlander
Sam Heughan stars in Outlander. Picture: Alamy

Despite footage of the pair of them being incredibly loved up at the music festival, the Scottish star seems to think he’s in with a shot. “We're gonna go see Taylor Swift play in Scotland, and I think most of the cast is going, Sam explained in the video.

“She obviously doesn't know this, but when she comes to Scotland and she sees me in the audience, she's gonna forget all about...him,” Sam put some emphasis on the word ‘him’ referring, obviously, to Travis.

“And fall for a man with a ginger wig… How could she resist?”, the actor joked.

“You know, she's gonna shake him off. And take me out instead. I'm really excited,” Sam finished off before making a heart shape with his hands.

In the caption, he wrote, “Welcome to Scotland Taylor! JAMMF is a Swiftie,” JAMMF is the initials of his character in Outlander, short for James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser.

Despite joking, the overlap of Outlander fans and Swiftie fans is almost a perfect circle when shown in a Venn diagram, so naturally fans of the show and Swifties lost their minds online when the video began to circulate.

With Taylor’s song ‘Ready for it’ playing in the background, the comment section was abuzz with a fan writing “Outlander x taylor swift… my worlds collided,” while another wrote, “SASSENACH SWIFTIES—ARE WE OK?!”

One fan was in a forgiving mood and commented, “@samheughan is the ONLY man I’d forgive Taylor for leaving Kelce for”, whilst another summed up the entire experience by simply writing, “The crossover I didn’t think I needed”

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