Taylor Swift Has Re-Recorded 'Love Story' & Whole 'Fearless' Album

11 February 2021, 10:18 | Updated: 11 February 2021, 13:25

Taylor Swift 'set to announce she's re-recorded classics'
Taylor Swift 'set to announce she's re-recorded classics'. Picture: PA/ YouTube Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has re-recorded a bunch of her classic songs including 'Love Story' and the whole 'Fearless' album as she attempts to render her original Masters worthless.

Taylor Swift has announced she has re-recorded 'Love Story' along with the whole 'Fearless' album, renaming it 'Fearless - Taylor's Version'

Revealing the news on Good Morning America, Taylor also revealed she's added six new songs to the track list, creations she called "from the vault" which are songs that never made the original cut back in 2008.

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The new version of 'Love Story' comes out at midnight tonight – that's early 12 February morning for UK fans – and the new version of album 'Fearless' will be coming soon.

'Taylor's Coming' and 'Taylor's Version' were trending all morning as everyone tried to work out what the queen of surprises had in store for them after she's continued to surprise basically everyone this past year with a unexpected album drops of 'Folklore' and 'Evermore'.

GMA made the announcement on Twitter and fans were already one step ahead in predicting what the 'Evermore' singer had up her sleeve to tell the world, guessing it was the new version of 'Love Story'

By now, we all know Taylor fans don't miss a thing after they noticed 'Love Story' was registered under Shazam with a new version titled 'Taylor's version' so assumed the announcement would be that she's been re-visiting her early classics in the studio.

Another track rumoured to have been re-recorded is fan favourite 1989 track 'Wildest Dreams.'

However, when Tay last teased she was in the studio on Instagram back in November 2020 she went on to blow the entire world's mind by dropped her second surprise album of the year 'Evermore'.

The re-record of 'Fearless' is no doubt the first of many more surprises to come from Tay in the coming months as she works to revamp all her old albums so they're officially registered under her name, and not Big Machine records.

Tay, stop playing with us, because we literally can't concentrate on anything else until we know what you're up to!

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