Taylor Swift Explains ‘Lover’ Is About Moving In With Boyfriend Joe Alwyn

6 October 2020, 11:48

Taylor Swift has revealed how she wrote 'Lover'
Taylor Swift has revealed how she wrote 'Lover'. Picture: Getty

Taylor Swift has broken down how her hit song ‘Lover’ came about – and a lot of inspiration came from her relationship with boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’ from her 2019 album of the same name was the song that had fans dancing around the living room as she sang about her love for boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

And over one year on the singer has revealed exactly how the romantic hit came about.

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After the tune made it onto the ’10 Songs I Wish I’d Written’ list at the 2020 Nashville Songwriter Awards, Taylor detailed how she wrote the tear-jerker tune and how the inspiration came from “two people choosing to spend their life together” and “making their own traditions.”

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While she didn’t exactly name-drop boyfriend Joe, the heart-melting lyrics include references to her heartache in previous relationships and how the person “who chooses you, chooses you along with all the hurt in the past.”

Taylor said she wanted the bridge in the song to “sound like when people write their own vows and how they change the traditional part to fit their relationships.”

Joe Alwyn and Taylor Swift have been together since 2016
Joe Alwyn and Taylor Swift have been together since 2016. Picture: Getty

The 30-year-old’s favourite lyric is: Ladies and gentlemen, will you please stand, with every guitar string scar on my hand, I take this magnetic force of a man to be my lover

And Tay explained the meaning behind the lyrics in the most beautiful way: “Obviously…I have a lot of guitar string scars on my hand from changing strings, tuning over the years, but there’s also the symbolic part of it which is I’ve written a lot of songs about break ups and let downs, so you kind of hope that if somebody’s going to choose you, they’re going to choose you along with all the hurt in the past and that you’re going to do the same for them.

'10 Songs I Wish I'd Written' - "Lover" - 2020 Nashville Songwriter Awards

“And then the rest of the song I wanted to paint a picture of two people who are learning to live together for the first time, realising you can make your own traditions, stay up as late as you want, keep the Christmas lights up as long as you want, you can let your friends stay over if the night goes on too long... because this is your life and your family that you are choosing.”

Are you crying yet?

The songstress then revealed why those new traditions mean so much to her, adding: “It’s a celebration of taking that adult step of living with someone.”

She continued: “I think that’s a really beautiful thing when people choose to spend their life together. And so it’s sort of a celebration of taking that very adult step of living with someone and deciding this is the path forward for you, walking alongside somebody else.”

Taylor is known for drawing inspiration from her love life when it comes to writing her music and her seventh album, ‘Lover’, was a much more positive chapter after years of writing about heartache.

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