Taylor Swift's 'All Too Well' Lyrics Flooded On Ex Jake Gyllenhaal's Instagram Snap

30 September 2020, 12:53 | Updated: 30 September 2020, 14:22

Taylor Swift lyrics posted all over Jake Gyllenhaal's latest Instagram
Taylor Swift lyrics posted all over Jake Gyllenhaal's latest Instagram. Picture: Instagram @jakegyllenhaal/ Getty Images

Jake Gyllenhaal set himself up to be inundated with lyrics from Ex Taylor Swift's song 'All Too Well' about him as a young boy on Instagram and it's kind of hilarious.

Taylor Swift fans have been posting lyrics she wrote about her ex, Jake Gyllenhaal, in 'All Too Well' all over an Instagram photo he posted that basically fit what she sang about word-for-word.

Mr. Gyllenhaal posted an adorable childhood snap of himself whilst promoting a glasses brand, and probably wasn't aware he was about to get the same lyric posted over, and over in the comment section.

Sorry Jake, but you really did set yourself up for this one.

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For a little background, Taylor and Brokeback Mountain actor, Jake, dated for a couple of months between 2010 and 2011 before splitting suddenly.

It wasn't initially clear why they'd parted ways- that was, until the superstar dropped (the iconic) album, 'Red', in 2012 and her song 'All Too Well' detailed the breakdown of their relationship.

One lyric says, "Photo album on the counter, your cheeks were turning red/ You used to be a little kid with glasses in a twin-size bed."

Cue photo of Jake, in his glasses, twin-sized bed missing in the snap, but like, it's clearly the image Tay Tay was looking at back in their dating days.

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From asking 'is it true you used to be a lil kid with glasses in a twin sized bed' to asking Jake if he is ever going to give Taylor her scarf back (another lyric), the A-lister must have face palmed when he realised what he'd walked into.

Fans drop 'All Too Well' lyrics on childhood snap of Jake Gyllenhaal
Fans drop 'All Too Well' lyrics on childhood snap of Jake Gyllenhaal. Picture: Instagram @jakegyllenhaal

One person very plainly wrote: "i’ll be honest mate you set yourself up for this one" and we can't help but agree, wholeheartedly.

Taylor Swift fans comment 'All Too Well' lyrics on ex Jake Gyllenhaal's Instagram
Taylor Swift fans comment 'All Too Well' lyrics on ex Jake Gyllenhaal's Instagram. Picture: Instagram @jakegyllenhaal

BRB, just going to belt out 'All Too Well' and reminisce all the people who have stolen our scarves (none) because that song still hits eight years later.

Jake, if you're reading this, we still think you should have a long hard think about you did to our girl, Tay.

Also, you were the cutest kid ever, just saying.

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