Taylor Swift Has Been Teasing Her New '1989' Era: All Of The Clues

12 July 2023, 12:29

What re-recording is Taylor Swift releasing next?
What re-recording is Taylor Swift releasing next? Picture: Getty

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By Savannah Roberts

Is Taylor Swift telling us that '1989' is next? Here are all the hints that have fans convinced...

Taylor Swift has officially kicked off her 'Speak Now' renaissance and, of course, she couldn't do it without breadcrumbing her famous clues.

The pop powerhouse released the re-recording of her third studio album on July 7 and held a music video screening mid-concert for its lead single.

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Eagle-eyed fans caught on quickly to the Easter eggs left in the 'I Can See You' music video – all eyes turn to '1989' for the next Taylor's Version release.

Here's why everyone thinks the 2014 record will soon be re-released...

Taylor Swift calls off security mid-concert after they deal with a fan

Taylor has '1989' up her sleeve
Taylor has '1989' up her sleeve. Picture: Getty

The '1989' sign at the end of Taylor's new music video

One of the most obvious Easter eggs that point towards '1989 (Taylor's Version)' is the road sign featured at the very end of 'I Can See You'.

The bridge sign reads: '1989tv.' Of course, the revelation sent the internet into a tailspin!

The 'Bad Blood' reference in 'I Can See You'

There were several parallels between 'Bad Blood' and 'I Can See You', with many fans calling the latter the matured version of the 2015 music video.

Not only do we see some spy action, but Joey King blows powder from a compact mirror just like Selena Gomez did in her cameo all those years ago.

Taylor Lautner also pulls a Swift move when he uses a suitcase to fight off the bad guys, the shot is almost identical to Taylor's antics in 'Bad Blood'.

Taylor hinted at TS5 in 'Karma' music video too

The 'Speak Now' Taylor sports blue nails whilst trapped in the 'Vault' in the 'I Can See You Video', which many believe was another 1989 hint.

Bonus points go to fans who spotted that the songstress was being chased by five men! This isn't the first time Taylor has used nail polish colour to hint at her release schedule...

At the end of the 'Karma' music video, she carries a coffee cup and saucer, Taylor has two thumbs purposefully places on the saucer, the left one is painted light blue and the right black. The colours represent '1989' and 'Reputation' which led many fans to believe that she was introducing a new era.

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