Liam Payne Credits 'Inspiring' Son Bear For Making Him A Better Person

2 July 2020, 10:13

Liam Payne says son Bear has inspired him from the day he was born
Liam Payne says son Bear has inspired him from the day he was born. Picture: Twitter/ Instagram @liampayne

Liam Payne's opened up about son, Bear, and how he's been inspired by him to become a better person since the day he was born three years ago.

Liam Payne has opened up about his and Cheryl's son, Bear, as his inspiration in life and motivation to be a better person whilst talking to a young fan at the (virtual) Diana Awards.

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The 'Strip That Down' singer said it was only when Bear was born in 2017 that he started to 'become a man', which is similar to what Louis Tomlinson has said of his son, Freddie, who was born in 2016.

Louis said Freddie's unexpected arrival was a 'wake up call' and forced him to grow up, saying: "It was unexpected and I had to grow up very quickly."

"It was another one of them moments – being faced with the reality of a situation and having to step up. It was a very maturing time in my life."

Liam has been open about not being able to see his son in the early weeks of COVID-19 lockdown, missing his third birthday as he was forced to quarantine having been abroad.

He also adorably recounted to Access a tale of Bear requesting to listening to 'daddy's music' and disliking other people's tunes being played, and 'dancing around the house' to his bops- the kid has good taste!

Liam Payne with son Bear, who just turned 3
Liam Payne with son Bear, who just turned 3. Picture: Instagram @liampayne

In other Liam news, he sent the internet into a certified meltdown when appearing to video call 'H', or as we know him, Mr. Harry Styles, only for a looped, recorded video of his former One Direction bandmate to play on the screen.

His prank led both us and fans all over the world to once again pull up the clown emoji, as we spend much of our life doing with these boys.

But, their 10 year anniversary is fast approaching on July 23rd and everyone is waiting with baited breath to see if they have anything in store for us, but with the pandemic still very much going on, things could prove tricky.

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