Sexy Beasts Cast: Meet All The Characters On New Netflix Dating Series

20 July 2021, 16:09

Meet the Sexy Beasts cast and characters
Meet the Sexy Beasts cast and characters. Picture: Netflix
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Get to know all of the contestants who have signed up for Netflix’s new bizarre dating show Sexy Beasts...

Netflix’s brand new dating series with a twist, Sexy Beasts, is hitting our screens and we couldn’t be more excited!

Undoubtedly one of the most bizarre dating shows you’ll ever watch, the animal-themed series promises a new spin on blind dates and we are so ready.

Sexy Beasts is dropping on July 21, bringing together some mystery singletons, who will be looking for love based purely on personality.

All The Details On Netflix's Bizarre New Dating Show 'Sexy Beasts' – How Does It Work?

Each episode will feature one singleton who is on the hunt for true love and will date three potential love matches IRL - but while covered in prosthetics!

Only when they decide on a partner will they unmask and reveal their real identities to each other.

While we get ready to delve deep into the love journeys of the array of characters on the show, let’s get to know all the Sexy Beasts that will be featured on the dating series…

Sexy Beasts is a new take on dating
Sexy Beasts is a new take on dating. Picture: Netflix
Mystery singletons are taking part in Netflix's Sexy Beasts
Mystery singletons are taking part in Netflix's Sexy Beasts. Picture: Netflix

Sexy Beasts cast: characters and who they date

  • Episode 1: Demon (Emma):
  • Stone Man (Archie)
  • Mandrill (Bennett)
  • Mouse (Adam)

  • Episode 2: Beaver (James):
  • Zombie (Tamiko)
  • Pixie (Amber)
  • Leopard (Alexis)

  • Episode 3: Panda (Kariselle):
  • Alien (Tyler)
  • Bull (Josh)
  • Tin Man (Ethan)

  • Episode 4: Wolf (Ibrahim)
  • Troll (Karissa)
  • Dinosaur (Bella)
  • Owl (Gabi)

  • Episode 5: Dolphin (Nina)
  • Scarecrow (Dustin)
  • Mantis (Dominic)
  • Rhino (Mick)

  • Episode 6: Rooster (Kelechi)
  • Witch (Lilly)
  • Deer (Martha)
  • Frog (Cassie)

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