Selena Gomez Was Scared People Wouldn’t Hire Her After Documentary

16 February 2023, 15:47

Selena was scared about the reaction to her documentary
Selena was scared about the reaction to her documentary. Picture: Alamy/Getty

By Savannah Roberts

Selena Gomez has spoken about what her fears were ahead of My Mind & Me's release, saying: "I was scared of what people would think."

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Selena Gomez gave fans an intimate look into her life upon the release of her highly-anticipated documentary, My Mind & Me, which was released to rave reviews in November 2022.

The 30-year-old pop star has now spoken about how life has changed since bearing her heart on her sleeve with the deeply personal project.

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In an interview with Vanity Fair, Selena revealed that she was scared that the documentary would affect her career and potentially stop people from hiring her.

The 'Rare' singer said that since the film dropped – which she had been shooting over a six-year period –  she felt a sense of relief: "Now I don’t feel like I’m lying to people."

Selena Gomez tries out a new makeup routine

Selena got candid about her documentary
Selena got candid about her documentary. Picture: Alamy

"It’s not that I was lying…I was scared of what people would think or that people wouldn’t hire me," Selena explained.

My Mind & Me explores the actor-turned-singer's battles with fame and the limelight, all whilst struggling with her physical and mental health as she copes with her lupus and bipolar disorder diagnoses.

"Now I don’t think that way," she told the publication, realising that she wants to be open about her struggles.

She continued: "I understand that if it doesn’t feel good to me, then I need to step back and evaluate. Is this friendship giving me something? Is this project a really good one?"

My Mind & Me was a deeply personal film to Selena
My Mind & Me was a deeply personal film to Selena. Picture: Alamy
She spoke about being a role model
She spoke about being a role model. Picture: Alamy

Earlier in the interview, Selena spoke about how important honesty is to her as a public figure: "I think being the best role model is being honest, even with the ugly and complicated parts of yourself."

The Only Murders in the Building star called the industry "a beast" and gave cautionary words to young creatives hoping to make it in Hollywood.

"It’s really scary to see what happens when you’re given so much power and money at a young age," she said.

Gomez gave some big sister advice, saying: "Hold on to your heart, try to be the best you can be, and be careful about who to trust."

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