Sabrina Carpenter's New Album 'Emails I Can't Send': Release Date, Tracklist & More

12 July 2022, 16:27

Sabrina Carpenter is about to drop her fifth album
Sabrina Carpenter is about to drop her fifth album. Picture: Getty/Alamy

By Savannah Roberts

Here is everything you need to know about Sabrina Carpenter's new album 'emails i can't send', from release date to tracklist...

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Sabrina Carpenter has been slaving away at new music for some time now – and the wait is nearly over, her album is just around the corner!

The 23-year-old star began teasing an LP last year before announcing on July 1 that her fifth studio record will be titled 'emails i can't send'.

Why Everyone Is Losing It Over This Sabrina Carpenter Song

As the former Disney darling gears up for the release of her project, she released it's third single 'Vicious', marking a departure from her previous works with an edgier sound.

Here is everything we know so far about 'emails i can't send', from the songs featured to what Sabrina has said about the record to, of course, the date it drops!

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Sabrina Carpenter has dished on her next record
Sabrina Carpenter has dished on her next record. Picture: Alamy

When does Sabrina Carpenter's album come out?

Sabrina will be dropping her fifth album 'emails i can't send' on July 15 – so not long to go at all!

The Tall Girl actress announced the album's release with a sweet post on Instagram, she wrote: "MY NEW ALBUM ‘emails i can’t send’ IS OUT JULY 15th.

"thank u for being patient with me. i think it’s worth the wait," she shared with her 27.4 million followers, referencing the three-year wait between her last two albums.

Mark your calendars now!

Sabrina Carpenter has released three singles from her upcoming album
Sabrina Carpenter has released three singles from her upcoming album. Picture: Getty

Sabrina Carpenter's 'emails i can't send' tracklist:

Shortly after the SC5 announcement, the 23-year-old powerhouse released the tracklist for the highly-awaited album – fans were elated to find out they will be treated to 13 songs!

Fans will already recognise the likes of 'skinny dipping' and 'Fast Times', both of which were released before 'emails i can't send' was announced.

However, Sabrina's 2021 song 'Skin' does not feature on the album and remains as a stand-alone single.

  1. 'emails i can't send'
  2. 'Vicious'
  3. 'Read your Mind'
  4. 'Tornado Warnings'
  5. 'because i liked a boy'
  6. 'Already Over'
  7. 'how many things'
  8. 'bet u wanna'
  9. 'Nonsense'
  10. 'Fast Times'
  11. 'skinny dipping'
  12. 'Bad for Business'
  13. 'decode'
Sabrina announced her 'emails i can't send' tracklist in July
Sabrina announced her 'emails i can't send' tracklist in July. Picture: Sabrina Carpenter/Instagram

Sabrina Carpenter - “Vicious” (Lyric Video)

What has Sabrina Carpenter said about her new album?

Back in September 2021, Sabrina spoke to Teen Vogue about the long-teased project, she revealed: “This was finally the album where I got to just have fun and f*** around and not take everything so seriously."

She spoke about her new sense of control where it comes to her musical material, saying: “It was completely and entirely just me steering the ship.”

The multi-talented star chatted about her approach to 'emails i can't send', telling the publication that she tried to write organically without thinking about it's critical response.

Carpenter said: “I think a huge thing that I set out to do when I started writing my next album in general was the fact that I was like, ‘If I start getting in my head about when people hear it and what they think about it, I’m not gonna be honest, I’m genuinely just not gonna write what I actually wanna write.'"

And we can't wait to hear it!

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