Rihanna ‘Look-Alike’ Confuses Fans After Underwear Photo Goes Viral

25 June 2020, 17:31

An Instagram model was mistaken for Rihanna by fans
An Instagram model was mistaken for Rihanna by fans. Picture: PA/Instagram/Twitter

A photo of a model named Allyiah’s Face went viral after people on social media were convinced it was Rihanna.

Rihanna’s fans were shocked after discovering the ‘Wild Thoughts’ singer’s look-alike online.

The Fenty Beauty mogul’s name was trending on Twitter, and initially, people immediately thought she had dropped her long-anticipated ninth album.

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However, it turns out there’s an Atalanta-based model who goes by the name Allyiah Face on Instagram and she has been branded the superstar's 'double' by the Rihanna navy.

A candid photo of the influencer in underwear was mistaken by fans as Riri and immediately gained thousands of likes.

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Allyiah has been previously been compared to Rihanna
Allyiah has been previously been compared to Rihanna. Picture: Twitter

The tweet which went viral was captioned: “Rihanna out here looking dumb thick, while I’m here just plain dumb [crying emoji].”

It wasn’t long before Allyiah herself realised her snap had circulated for probably the most flattering reason ever!

She responded to the viral tweet, writing: “I…. I can’t believe I’m being coined as thick Rihanna I - .

“I mean hello, ego boosted thank you.. but oh my god [sic].”

Allyiah is a beauty influencer
Allyiah is a beauty influencer. Picture: Instagram

One fan even took to Twitter to laugh off the comparison, writing: “I’m screaming at the fact that Rihanna is trending all because people thought @AllyiahsFace was Rihanna [crying emoji].”

The beauty influencer then went on shine light on those who were tagging her in inappropriate tweets from men who mistook her for the ‘Work’ singer and asked them to not involve her.

She penned: “Okay, y’all can stop tagging me in tweets of men speaking sexually about me thinking I’m r*hanna, it’s not flattering, nor do I wanna see it [sic]."

It seems like the model is no stranger to the comparisons, though, as she also tweeted: "When will it end?"

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