The Sweet Moment Raye Was Reunited With Her BRITs School Teacher

7 June 2024, 08:59 | Updated: 7 June 2024, 09:18

We reunited Raye with her Brits school teacher
We reunited Raye with her Brits school teacher. Picture: Capital

By Abbie Reynolds

To celebrate the release of Raye's single 'Genesis' we invited her old BRITs school teacher to Capital for a reunion, and it was so wholesome!

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2024 might just be the most iconic year for 'Escapism.' singer Raye, after she made history at the BRIT Awards (taking home six trophies), played Coachella, attended the Met Gala and released her 7-minute long track 'Genesis'.

After playing her new single 'Genesis' for the first time on Capital Breakfast with Jordan North, Chris Stark and Sian Welby we set up a special reunion for the confirmed Summertime Ball artist.

Earlier this year, the star was presented with the Mastercard Album of the Year award at the BRITs by her very own head teacher, who taught her when she studied at the BRITs school.

So we thought there'd be no better way to commemorate her historical release than to team up with headmaster Stuart Worden and surprise Raye once again.

Raye and her teacher had a lengthy chat to celebrate the release of 'Genesis'
Raye and her teacher had a lengthy chat to celebrate the release of 'Genesis'. Picture: Capital

When we brought Stuart into Raye she exclaimed, "Hi Sir" greeting him with a big hug. Even though it has been ten years since Raye studied at the BRIT school she admitted that she still calls Stuart 'sir', in message and in person.

The pair instantly fell into conversation, starting by reflecting on that massive BRITs night, Stuart recalled: "I remember the morning after you text me saying, 'What happened, Sir?'

"And I wrote back, 'You happened'."

Stuart said he was asked two days before the show if he would present the award, he told Raye, "it was the easiest yes, because it was you and I love that album. That was the album of the year for me".

RAYE reunites with the teacher that presented her BRIT Awards to chat 'Genesis' and her school days

In deciding to have Stuart hand over the award, the BRITs team noted how much the BRITs school 'really matters' to Raye, but Stuart added: "I said no, put it the other way. She really matters to the BRIT school."

He recognised how "strong" Raye has been throughout her career, telling her how much she's inspired the young men and women of the BRITs school. He declared: "You've done something for them by saying, 'I'm a girl from South London and I will do this'."

Raye went on to share the moment that she realised she had won the award, telling her former head teacher: "It's the moment I literally saw you walk up and walk down and I said, 'oh no'.

"Because I was looking at the nominations and I was like, no one here is a Brit kid, it's just me."

Blur, J Hus, Little Simz and Young Fathers, were also up for 'Album of The Year'.

Raye's song 'Genesis' has been added to Capital's playlist
Raye's song 'Genesis' has been added to Capital's playlist. Picture: Capital

After Raye received the award she chose to bring her Grandmother on stage, and Stuart said he remembered standing back and thinking, "this is the moment".

"So it was a nuts night and then you go down the McDonalds on the way home," he joked before Raye admitted, "I did yeah, I was so hungover the next day".

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