Which Days Is P.E. With Joe Wicks And How Can You Watch?

5 January 2021, 16:46

PE with Joe Wick is back

Joe Wicks is returning as the nation’s P.E. teacher after the announcement England is entering lockdown for the third time, but he won’t be on everyday like last time.

P.E. with Joe Wicks was an enormous success when the internet PT got school children jumping around their living rooms everyday last year, so of course the fitness guru is returning for lockdown round three.

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This time, Joe won’t be teaching every weekday like he was previously, but he will be leading classes three days a week live on YouTube.

Joe Wicks is back for lockdown P.E. lessons
Joe Wicks is back for lockdown P.E. lessons. Picture: Joe Wicks/Instagram

How to watch P.E. with Joe Wicks

Joe’s P.E. workouts will be on his YouTube channel, The Body Coach TV.

The Instagram star will be conducting the sessions live, urging schools to encourage their pupils to get involved.

Joe Wicks has become the nation's P.E. teacher
Joe Wicks has become the nation's P.E. teacher. Picture: Joe Wicks/Instagram

Which days is P.E. with Joe Wicks?

Joe will be conducting his P.E. lessons at 9am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, beginning 11 January 2021.

The sessions are usually around 20 minutes and designed for children.

Why isn’t P.E with Joe Wicks on everyday?

Joe isn’t conducting his online P.E. lessons everyday but said three days will still help keep the children active.

The star’s schedule has no doubt become even busier in recent months, ever since he grew his following during lockdown one.

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