Joe Wicks Gains A 1.2 Million Subscribers In A Week- How Much Money Is The Body Coach Worth?

1 April 2020, 15:33

Joe Wicks has gained a huge following since the UK's been in lockdown
Joe Wicks has gained a huge following since the UK's been in lockdown. Picture: Body Coach TV YouTube/Getty

Joe Wicks, AKA, The Body Coach has shot to national notoriety since the UK has been in lockdown, helping people young and old stay fit and has had over a million people subscribe to his channel in the last week.

Since being in lockdown here in the UK, there's one name that is on the tip of everyone's tongue, Joe Wicks, AKA, The Body Coach, who has been doing daily workouts from home to replace school children's daily exercise that plenty of adults also join in with.

So integral to the nation staying fit and healthy during this time, his YouTube subscribers on The Body Coach TV have shot up by 1.2 million in the last week alone!

How To Watch Joe Wicks’ Live P.E Lessons And When Is He Hosting The Live Streams On YouTube?

P.E With Joe, his half an hour daily workout videos, have been rising in popularity every day he posts, and are now on over 2 million views, which are some huge numbers!

As well as being the nation's rallying personal trainer, he's also one of the nicest guys going, recently pledging to donate £80,000 of revenue made from advertisements on his videos of the NHS who working every day to fight COVID-19.

The 34-year-old wrote on Twitter: "If you missed the announcement today, I shared an update on how much money we've raised so far from advertising on YouTube."

"Thanks to you and everyone that has taken part and watched the #PEWithJoe workouts... we've together raised just over £80,000 for the NHS."

What is Joe Wicks's net worth?

The fitness guru has been around for some time now, with a string of hugely successful cookbooks, a fitness DVD, private clients and those all important social media partnerships, and worked with brand ranging from Microsoft and Uncle Ben's rice.

With his own profile in Forbes, making the 'top influencers' list, Joe is worth an estimated £14.5 million.

We'll let that sink in for a moment!

As one of the biggest names in the UK right now, it's little surprise he's had such a successful career previously, and let's be honest, he's become an absolute favourite of the mums, some of which kick back on the sofa and just watch him do his workouts!

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