Pregnant Molly-Mae Hague Defended By Fans After Viral Interview About Tommy Fury’s ‘Absence'

6 December 2022, 10:10

Molly-Mae fans have jumped to her defence amid her interview about Tommy Fury's 'absence' during pregnancy
Molly-Mae fans have jumped to her defence amid her interview about Tommy Fury's 'absence' during pregnancy. Picture: @mollymae/Instagram
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An interview where Molly-Mae Hague got candid about her pregnancy while Tommy Fury was away training has gone viral online.

A recent Molly-Mae Hague interview has sparked concern amongst some fans after she opened up about what her pregnancy journey has been like while she and Tommy Fury have been busy with work commitments.

During the resurfaced interview, which was from a few months ago, the former Love Island star was asked if it was difficult for her with boxer Tommy being away to train for his fights.

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She responded: “Yeah obviously. I work all the time, and he’s away working, so it’s just constant. Like, we’re never together.”

The PLT creative director added: “Other women have these dream pregnancies where they are always with their husband doing baby shopping and doing cute things, and like, me and Tommy literally just communicate through FaceTime at this point.”

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A recent Molly-Mae interview has been going viral online
A recent Molly-Mae interview has been going viral online. Picture: @mollymae/Instagram

“I think because he's been away so much,” she added, “I feel like he sometimes forgets. I have to remind him that I'm two months away from giving birth – you know, we're going to have a child. I think he sometimes has to be reminded a little bit because he's away in camp-land."

The resurfaced interview has since gone viral online, with many saying they ‘felt sorry’ for Molly and shared concern for her.

However, others have jumped to her and Tommy’s defence, shutting down claims of a ‘cry for help’, as many have agreed it was said in a ‘light-hearted’ way.

One fan on Twitter said: “People are being so dramatic about this molly mae interview I’m sure her and Tommy are doing fine. People take things out of context so much. Everyone knows that his job is very dedicating and has to sacrifice time into it. People forget that she also has a job too she’s not at.”

Molly-Mae Hague is in her third trimester
Molly-Mae Hague is in her third trimester. Picture: @mollymae/Instagram

“Unpopular opinion but I do feel like the molly mae interview has been taken out of context,” added another.

A third fan went on to tweet: “Y’all definitely blowing this MollyMae thing out of proportion, saw the interview and it was not giving what y’all claiming or writing threads about [sic].”

This comes just days after Molly-Mae celebrated her pregnancy with a lavish baby shower with her nearest and dearest, and was surprised by Tommy during the event as he gifted her a new Chanel bag.

The pair are set to become first-time parents either this month or in January as Molly inches closer to her due date.

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