Love Island First Look: Fans React To Trouble In Paradise

23 February 2023, 15:49

Love Island's First Look shows off the drama
Love Island's First Look shows off the drama. Picture: ITV
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Fans react to Love Island's dramatic 'First Look' as tensions between couples reach fever pitch...

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Several Love Island relationships are on the rocks in the aftermath of Casa Amor – and Movie Night has swiftly followed to bring all the secrets to the surface.

The drama in the villa is palpable as ITV releases Thursday night's 'First Look' and fans instantly took to Twitter to comment on the emotional teaser.

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From Samie's revelations about Tom to Jessie and Will's make-or-break moment, here's why everyone thinks tonight's episode will be the most climactic yet.

Jessie and Samie are both emotional after Movie Night
Jessie and Samie are both emotional after Movie Night. Picture: ITV
Emotions are running high in the latest Love Island episode
Emotions are running high in the latest Love Island episode. Picture: ITV

Will's antics with Layla are played on the big screen, showing him engaging in some serious flirtations as well as saying that "there is a lot of sexual tension."

Samie looks on heartbroken as Tom Clare locks lips with Casa bombshell Lydia and cosies up to her in bed, as she watched the scene she says to the girls: "I'm done."

One fan's heart went out to Jessie and Will, they posted: "I’m actually hurting for Will. Movie night is toxic… Jessie please remember how genuine he is…I love you guys together…"

Another hoped that the pair could push through their relationship troubles: "I love that Will really listens to Jessie and makes no excuses for his behaviour. Now she has to choose whether to move on or forgive him. Can't take any more back and forth."

The teaser clip shows both couples having out after the Movie Night as both boys are pulled aside for some serious chats about the state of each respective relationship.

Another viewer theorised that there are more shockers to come, they tweeted: "I feel like they showed exclusive clips that we didn't get to see of Tom and Will... because the gasping was loud from all of them."

Only time will tell...

Love Island continues tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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