Why Did Lorde Pull Out Of The MTV VMAs?

9 September 2021, 10:42

Here's what Lorde had to say about her cancelled performance
Here's what Lorde had to say about her cancelled performance. Picture: Getty/Alamy
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Lorde won't be making her long-awaited return to the VMAs – here's why and what the singer had to say.

Last week, news broke that Lorde would no longer be gracing the MTV Video Music Awards with a performance...

After splashing back onto the music scene after a four-year hiatus, Lorde released her third studio album 'Solar Power' – she was set to give a live rendition of one of her singles at the award show.

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The Kiwi songstress was to take to the VMA stage once more on September 13th but had to cancel due to "a change in production elements".

Now, the 'Mood Ring' musician has released her own statement explaining the cancellation to fans...

Lorde talks about baring it all on Solar Power album cover

Lorde released a statement
Lorde released a statement. Picture: Alamy

On September 3rd, the official MTV VMA Twitter account announced that Lorde would not be making an appearance, writing: "Due to a change in production elements, Lorde can no longer perform at this year's show. We love Lorde and cannot wait for her to perform on the VMA stage in the future!"

The 24-year-old artist has now explained the situation to fans via her email newsletter, Lorde revealed that she was forced to pull out due to "very necessary" safety protocols.

Lorde sent a newsletter to fans explaining the cancellation
Lorde sent a newsletter to fans explaining the cancellation. Picture: Getty

Lorde wrote in a personal message to her stans: "I saw some people were very concerned about me pulling out of the VMAs, you're so sweet, I'm totally fine!"

She put the rumours to rest and clarified the whole situation: "It's just that we were planning this insanely amazing many-bodied intimate dance performance, not fully understanding the (very necessary!) safety protocols that are in place,

"And the masking and distancing just meant it wasn't gonna be what I dreamed, and you know I can't make something less than outstanding for you guys."

The pop powerhouse added "I hope you understand" – she went on to clear up that "there will be many more TV performances, don't you worry."

Lorde won't be making her return to the MTV VMA stage
Lorde won't be making her return to the MTV VMA stage. Picture: Alamy

The last time the New Zealand native adorned the MTV stage was back in 2018 when she performed her synth-pop tune, 'Homemade Dynamite' from her sophomore record 'Melodrama'.

Hopefully, fans will be able to see Lorde's 'Solar Power' vision come to life soon!

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