Roman Kemp’s Tattoo Guide: I’m A Celeb 2019 Star’s Body Art Explained

13 November 2019, 14:47

Roman Kemp has a number of tattoos on his body
Roman Kemp has a number of tattoos on his body. Picture: Getty / YouTube

Roman Kemp has a number of tattoos you’ll notice while he’s in the I’m A Celebrity jungle – two of which are a bit dodgy.

Roman Kemp has an array of inkings across his bod, some of which aren’t so easy to read thanks to the shaky hands of a few celebs.

During his time in the I’m A Celebrity jungle, you’ll notice some of his tatts – especially the one of an eagle across his chest and an anchor on his left side.

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Let’s take a closer look at some of Roman’s tattoos, including the sketchy-looking ones by Ed Sheeran and Niall Horan.

Eagle tattoo

The largest of his tattoos, Roman has an eagle with its wings outstretched etched into his chest.

He gave a closer look at the design when he unveiled his fitness transformation in August, displaying his newly-chiselled six pack months head of his jungle stint.


Roman Kemp has a huge tattoo on his chest
Roman Kemp has a huge tattoo on his chest. Picture: Roman Kemp/Instagram

Down the right side of his torso, the Capital Breakfast Show host has a large anchor with what seems to be a lizard crawling around it.

Lizards are thought to represent the meaning of adaptation, which, if true, could remind Roman to try and adapt to the challenging jungle environment.

Meanwhile, an anchor represents hope, salvation and composure.

Ed Sheeran’s tattoo

In 2017 Ed Sheeran inked Roman with “Ed woz ‘ere 2k7” live on air.

The tat is on Roman’s shin, in a tiny, shaky font.

Niall Horan’s inking

Niall attempted the same challenge as Ed in 2019, writing “Nice to melt ya” on Roman’s other shin – it was meant to read ‘Nice To Meet Ya’, which is the name of the pop star’s latest single.

Both Niall and Ed’s inkings were for Global’s Make Some Noise Day, with the One Direction star donating £5,000 to the charity.

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