Noah Centineo Bleached His Beard And Fans Don’t Know What To Think

17 September 2019, 13:03

Noah Centineo has bleached his beard
Noah Centineo has bleached his beard. Picture: PA

Noah Centineo has switched up the colour of his beard.

In a season which feels like everyone is mixing up their hairstyle, especially after Joe Keery got a bowl cut, Noah Centineo has opted for a makeover on his facial hair instead.

After rocking smouldering dark facial hair for months, Noah has bleached his beard so it’s now bright blonde.

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It seems the To All The Boys I Loved Before actor was experimenting with his looks for a while, after remaining clean-shaven until August before deciding to grow his beard just a little for that rugged, scruffy look.

But he’s now gone for a completely different image with his bleached beard.

Taking to Instagram Stories to reveal his new look, Noah joked to fans: “I didn’t bleach my beard that would be ridiculous.”

He later posted another selfie taken in bright daylight so his followers could get a full look at his blonde beard, writing over it: “What’s happened?”

The new look has seriously divided fans, with one commenting “he kind of looks like a hot grandma”.

“For a second I thought I could trust some men but Joe Keery’s got bangs and Noah Centineo bleached his beard, so never mind.

“I really didn’t think this was u for a minute, why your beard look blonde,” tweeted another confused fan.

However, some loved his new look, with one Twitter user adding: “Okay I’m mad that I’m digging the bleached beard.”

Meanwhile, when he posted a selfie on Twitter many fans responded to ask “is that even you?”

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