Easy Halloween Nails: The Quickest Tricks For A Mystic And Spooky Manicure

31 October 2019, 17:37

A Halloween manicure doesn't have to be difficult
A Halloween manicure doesn't have to be difficult. Picture: Getty

If you’re in need of some last-minute ideas for Halloween-themed nails, we’ve rounded up some inspiration.

When it comes to Halloween, some people go all out for their parties and celebrations while some simply opt for a subtle touch of something a spooky, like a pumpkin or ghost-themed manicure.

Halloween may finally be upon us but many of you might be dressing up this weekend instead, meaning you still have a few days to get inspired.

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There are plenty of costume ideas about already, thanks to the Kardashians and Stranger Things fans, but if all you want is a set of manicured tallons to mark the occasion, look no further.

Pumpkin orange

Whether it’s your favourite colour and you want to claim they’re Halloween-themed, or you simply hate the faff of a detailed mani, you can’t go wrong with a quick paint of orange for the scary season.

Matte black

Black, but better. For those whose wardrobe is 95 per cent black, you’ve probably already got the nail polish you need.

To jazz it up, add small dots of shiny black varnish for a polkadot effect, or get your hands on a white nail pen and draw some cobwebs and ghosts.

Blood red

You could just opt for a dark, witchy red, or you could layer a vibrant red beneath a deep burgundy.

This will create the seeping-blood effect you want on 31 October.

Moon and stars

A moon and stars manicure is an easy Halloween theme
A moon and stars manicure is an easy Halloween theme. Picture: Pinterest

Not specifically for the October season, with the help of silver and gold nail pens you can easily draw some stars and crescents over the top of a dark shade.


If you want to look like you’ve at least attempted to make an effort for Halloween, painting your nails different gradients of red and a darker shade, or orange and burgundy, will make your manicure all the more sinister.

Or, completely switch things up for a neon manicure to brighten up the dark, chilly evenings.


A nail varnish you can pick up anywhere these days, holographic nails will give your hands the mystical appearance you’ve always dreamed of.

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