Leigh-Anne Says Twins Are In 'Terrible Twos' As She Shares Motherhood Challenges

2 April 2024, 15:54

Leigh-Anne said her daughters have reached 'terrible twos'
Leigh-Anne said her daughters have reached 'terrible twos'. Picture: Leigh-Anne Pinnock/Instagram
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Leigh-Anne is not only currently launching her solo career, but she’s raising two toddlers with husband Andre Gray.

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Leigh-Anne Pinnock is asking ‘where have my angels gone?’ after struggling with her twins daughters’ recent changes in routine.

The singer’s kids will turn three years old in August and Leigh-Anne admitted in a recent TikTok she’s struggling with how much they’ve changed in the last few months.

She wrote on screen: “Me contemplating life after dealing with my twins’ recent tantrums and sleep regression.”

And in the caption Leigh-Anne opened up on how her little ones currently no longer sleep through the night and how hard she’s finding their recent tantrums.

Leigh-Anne opened up about recent motherhood battles
Leigh-Anne opened up about recent motherhood battles. Picture: Getty

She said: “Where have my angels gone though? They'll be 3 in august so im guessing its partly a case of the terrible twos. I know theres been a lot of change recently for them, but this is so hard.

“I physically can't split myself in two, when they both just want mummy and they're hanging off me crying and tantruming. Thats what i find the most exhausting.

“On top of them recently deciding to not sleep through the night. I’m having to now retrain them to sleep! I’m guessing this is all just another phase and it will get better. Any twin mums out there? HELP lol.”

Leigh-Anne and husband Andre recently moved to a new home, which the pop star said may have something to do with their girls’ recent changes.

Their mum is in the midst of her solo career after kickstarting it last year with ‘Don’t Say Love’. Since then she’s released ‘My Love’ and ’Stealin’ Love’ ahead of her solo album’s debut which fans are hoping to hear later this year.

Her latest single ‘Stealin’ Love’ had fans asking where the inspiration came from given she’s happily married to long-term love Andre. And in a recent reply to a fan on TikTok she candidly said: “Girl it took a lot to get there.”

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