Kendall Jenner And Harry Styles Have Been Wearing Matching Necklaces

5 March 2021, 10:42

Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles have similar tastes in fashion
Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles have similar tastes in fashion. Picture: Getty

Kendall Jenner has been taking style tips from Harry Styles – I mean, haven’t we all?

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Harry Styles started a whole new fashion movement after his ‘Golden’ music video, officially making beaded necklaces a thing again.

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And it looks like his close pal Kendall Jenner has followed suit, taking inspiration from the king of fashion and picking up some necklaces similar to those Haz made famous.

Kendall Jenner has necklaces from the same brand Harry Styles loves
Kendall Jenner has necklaces from the same brand Harry Styles loves. Picture: Kendall Jenner/Instagram

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The supermodel took to Instagram Stories to show off her neckwear, revealing a beaded necklace which spelt out ‘sleepy’, just like Harry’s ‘Golden’ one.

“Sleepiest girl,” she captioned it, and honestly Kendall we feel you.

Eliou also posted about Kendall’s new accessories on their own Instagram account, revealing she also snapped up a gold chain, two pearl necklaces, and a gorgeous beaded design filled with yellow, green and blue glass beads – the brand’s ‘Jenga’ necklace which costs $220.

Harry Styles' 'Golden' necklace is from Eliou
Harry Styles' 'Golden' necklace is from Eliou. Picture: Harry Styles/YouTube

It’s not the first time Harry has inspired Kendall’s fashion choices after he gifted her his pearl necklace in 2015, two years after they were believed to be dating.

Since seeing Kendall in the pearls, fans have flooded Eliou’s Instagram comments with how happy they are to see the shop grow.

“I’m loving that a Miami founded business is popping off like this,” one person commented.

“Before his [Harry's] music video the brand wasn’t that popular (at least among celebs) and now his friends and celebs wear it and boost it. Good for you Eliou,” another wrote.

“Congrats ladies,” added a third.

Harry’s new rumoured girlfriend, Don’t Worry, Darling director Olivia Wilde, was also seen wearing a pearl necklace from the brand in January, fuelling reports she and Harry are getting serious.

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