James Charles Apology Video: Jeffree Star Criticised For 'Using' Black Lives Matter To 'Distract' From Behaviour

20 July 2020, 13:56 | Updated: 20 July 2020, 14:01

Jeffree Star slammed over apology video to James Charles
Jeffree Star slammed over apology video to James Charles. Picture: YouTube Jeffree Star/Instagram @jamescharles

Jeffree Star has officially apologised to James Charles in a ten minute apology video- however, he's facing intense backlash for using the BLM movement as a way to 'detract' from his actions.

Jeffree Star's posted an apology video to fellow YouTuber James Charles, but the make-up mogul is being heavily criticised for using the Black Lives Matter and trans movements to detract from his actions.

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Jeffree, 34, posted a video called "Doing What's Right" in which he apologized to James for comments he made about the 21-year-old make-up vlogger including calling him a 'danger to society' about sexual harassment claims that saw James get 'cancelled' and lose millions of subscribers.

He said: "I would personally like to apologize to James Charles for the words that I’ve said and for my actions."

"If I was really close with someone, I should have had the ability to just simply call them and ask and say, ‘Hey these are the things that are being said to me.’"

"Instead, I didn’t. I let people really gas me up and get me going behind the scenes and I really fell for a lot of things and I got really caught up in the hype."

"It’s disgusting, it’s awful, and none of it should have happened. So James, I am truly sorry for my actions and my behaviour."

Elsewhere, Jeffree implied he's in a legal dispute with Tati saying he won't be speaking on the situation, but his 'lawyers, behind the scenes will be'.

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However, Jeffree is facing a whole lot of backlash for moving on to talk about the Black Lives Matter and trans movements, implying there are bigger issues at hand than YouTuber drama, but many aren't here for what they're saying was a way of distracting from his own behaviour, in a 'less than genuine' way.

Many pointed out Jeffree did not attach any links to petitions or organisations, nor did he post any resources for his millions of followers to use, making it all appear as a tool to detract from what he's been caught up in, labelling it 'hijack-tivism'.

As one Twitter user put it: "The only part of Jeffree Star's video that you need to see: his attempt to use the death of Breonna Taylor, Elijah McClain, and other victims of a failed justice system...as a distraction from his makeup youtube drama."

So, despite owning up to his own problematic behaviour and apologising for his role in having James cancelled, it appears Jeffree may have done more harm to his own reputation than good.

James has not yet commented on the apology, and Jeffree is yet to address the criticism he's now facing, but in the make-up world, the silence never lasts long, so watch this space.

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