Jeffree Star Slams Claims His Boyfriend Andre Marhold Is ‘Cheating’ On Former Girlfriend With Him

26 August 2020, 10:07

Makeup mogul Jeffree Star has shut down the claims
Makeup mogul Jeffree Star has shut down the claims. Picture: Instagram

Jeffree Star has addressed rumours that his new man Andre Marhold is in a relationship with somebody else after the basketball star’s ex made claims online.

Jeffree Star has been in the middle of an online spat after going Instagram official with his new boyfriend Andre Marhold.

Basketball star Andre’s exes have taken to social media to speak out against his relationship with the makeup mogul, with one claiming that the sports player left her and their son for the YouTuber.

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Meanwhile, another of Andre’s former flames has been in a series of back-and-forth shady tweets with Jeffree.

However, now the YouTube star has addressed the claims made about his new beau, on his Instagram story.

Jeffree Star posted new pics with his new beau
Jeffree Star posted new pics with his new beau. Picture: Instagram

In a lengthy video, Jeffree said: “Now, I’ve entertained a lot of bull****, a lot of lies and I told myself ‘2020 girl really there’s just no time or energy for that.

“The old Jeffree would always come on here and address things and be like ‘guys, this is actually what’s happening’ but I don’t care anymore, I’m living my life and I’m actually genuinely happy.

“I know that upsets a lot of people, b***h happiness should never upset anyone. I want everyone to win and be amazing and have a good f***ing life so, if anyone else has any negative energy, I can’t relate.

“I know rumours and lies are entertaining and that’s how people make money and advertisements and clicks, I know how the world works, so it never bothers me."

Jeffree Star shut down claims her man was taken
Jeffree Star shut down claims her man was taken. Picture: Instagram

Jeffree continued: “But just know, I’m hanging out with someone amazing, who is single and has been single for a while.

"So, anything else you hear is a motherf***ing lie and I know it sounds entertaining, I know everything’s like a movie and it’s all fun and crazy and sounds scandalous, it’s not.

"The real world ain’t that exciting baby, so I’m gonna go enjoy my day.”

The Jeffree Star cosmetics owner went on to share a series of cosy pictures with Andre, seemingly putting all the rumours to bed.

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