Harry Styles Spotted In Bath & Praised For Sticking To Social Distancing Posing With Fans

17 August 2020, 10:23

Harry Styles sticks to safety measures whilst in Bath
Harry Styles sticks to safety measures whilst in Bath. Picture: PA/ Twitter @marklessels

Harry Styles has been spotted in Bath after his recent Italian getaway and fans are praising the singer for adhering to social distancing measures.

Harry Styles has been spotted in Bath just days after his Italian getaway and fans in the South West are freaking out the 'Adore You' singer is within touching distance of them (socially distanced touching distance, of course).

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The 26-year-old former One Direction member happily posed for selfies with surprised fans whilst maintaining social distancing and wearing a mask, with people praising him for setting a good example and upholding COVID-19 safety measures.

Rocking his usual casual get up of joggers, a hoody, and a hat to keep a low profile, it didn't stop passersby asking the singer is he gets asked 'if he gets told he looks like Harry Styles often', as one fan hilariously recounted on Twitter.

Others are only just finding out they were in the same place as him and seriously upset to know they missed him.

One fan wrote on Twitter: "I can’t believe that i was in Bath the same time as Harry Styles but didn’t see him. brb gonna go cry myself to sleep."

Another simply said: "Harry Styles in Bath? I can't take this."

We understand their pain.

Naturally, fans are wondering why he has popped up in the city, whether he's visiting friends or working on something secret, as they also wondered about his Italian trip.

However, as any Harry fan knows, if it has anything music/fashion/film/one of his many other talents related it will be kept top secret for a while!

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